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What is They Ask, You Answer?

At the core of They Ask, You Answer (TAYA) is a really simple idea: educated prospects like you – because they trust you and your expertise is more likely to win the moment-of-truth click or call.

So how do we shift our focus to educating customers and therefore becoming the most trusted voice in the industry? TAYA is as much a business philosophy as it is a framework. Watch the video to understand the 10 straightforward concepts that make up They Ask, You Answer and more importantly, how they yield hockey-stick like sales growth.

They Ask, You Answer is used by thousands of businesses around the world, including B2B and B2C companies in retail, manufacturing, home improvement, software, healthcare, real estate, and dozens of other industries.

The 10 core concepts of
They Ask, You Answer

The Big 5

Five content topics areas that are sure to drive the most organic traffic, qualified leads, and quick sales


Assignment selling

Learn to utilise content effectively in the sales process, from prospecting to closing, yielding better-educated prospects


In-house content management

A well-trained in-house content team is faster, less expensive, and better aligned with your organisation’s needs


Revenue team

By combining marketing and sales teams into a single team, you’ll unite around what really matters: bringing in revenue


Learning centre

Your content has to be well-organised and easy to find on your website so that visitors can quickly access what they’re looking for.


The Selling 7

The seven types of videos that help your customer build a relationship with your brand before they reach out to your sales team


Virtual sales

From 1-1 video prospecting to sales call best practices, your team will flourish in a video-first business world


Self-service tools

Make buying from you easy with chat, scheduling tools, and more touchless customer experiences


Sales and marketing alignment

Unite your business around shared goals and core strategy so you can finally replace frustration with teamwork


Martech and CRM adoption

Don’t just pay for the CRM platform, equip your whole team to use it correctly, end to end


Is They Ask, You Answer
right for your business?

In this video, Marcus Sheridan will help you determine if They Ask, You Answer is a good fit for you and your company.

Never Need an Agency Again. Learn about RedPandas Coaching

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RedPandas is proud to be APAC’s most experienced TAYA certified business with the highest number of certified coaches.

We help you with the most important factor when it comes to new business initiatives: EXECUTION.

Watch the video and learn how we train, coach and empower you to take charge of your sales and marketing in-house with They Ask, You Answer.

When you implement They Ask, You
Answer with our help:

You control your sales and marketing destiny and no longer depend on an outside agency.

Your sales and marketing teams reach their potential and work as one unit.

Your marketing finally generates more sales as you attract more qualified traffic and leads.

Real success in the real world

See how business just like yours have partnered with IMPACT and
used They Ask, You Answer to achieve dramatic business growth.

Get the Book:
They Ask, You Answer

Mashable rated Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask, You Answer as the number 1 marketing book to read and Forbes listed the book in their list of 11 books every CMO should read piece.

They Ask, You Answer has helped countless marketing and sales teams around the world connect with buyers online and achieve astounding revenue growth. Now, it’s your turn.

Are you right for TAYA and RedPandas Coaching?

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