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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing


of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly.


more likely to enjoy positive ROI if your brand prioritises blogs


According to ComScore, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

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Content Marketing

Everyone who has had a website since 1997 knows they need to be doing Content Marketing and stats on Content Marketing have long been touted i.e. Sites that generate blogs have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more links.

But there is a crap-load of content out and most of it ain’t very good.

Every piece of content you ever create (write, film, record, speak) needs to have a purpose. It needs to be move buyers down the funnel and should be created with the objective of Reaching, Engaging or Converting.

Otherwise you may fall into the headless content trap: writing content for months on end, sporadically with no clear objective in sight.

These days, video is the new blogging and “snackable video” is where it’s at!

If you’re not doing video, that’s just plan insane. According to ComScore, after watching a video, users are 64%  more likely to buy a product or service!

There are two types of video: High Production & Content Marketing

High Production videos are your high quality, multi-camera angle, people-slow-mo-walking, b-roll rich videos. There are three main high production videos your business should have:

  1. The Why Us Video: Represents who you are and the problems you solve
  2. The Process Video: What is the precise process one takes when they decide to take your service. What is your onboarding like? What’s the experience like?
  3. The Case Study Video: Because people want to see others like them trust you

Example of a Case Study video we did for a client in Risk Management:

Read more about our video marketing and production services.

Desirable yet visible content

Content has to be desirable to your persona but findable to search engines as well.

It also requires planning and execution via a calendar. It requires specific call to actions. Can’t be too salesy. Can’t be too generic either. It needs a distribution plan. Will require some amplification budget and… needs to be measurable!

Oh.. and it has to be interesting enough for anyone to bother reading it.

So where the hell do you start?! Glad you asked..

Content Marketing Strategy


Content Persona-fied

The biggest consideration when you’re creating a content calendar is your target audience. This will require a persona profiling exercise. At RedPandas, we do this exercise at the start of every client engagement.

Utilising info we know about your personas (e.g. value drivers, pain points, what keeps them up at night etc), we’re know in a position to know what to write about and how to move that persona down the decision making process.

It’s also important to ensure that any articles you create the premise for offer value to the reader. It’s important that the articles offer something in return for reading it; whether it’s knowledge or a solution to a problem they might have, there should be a positive takeaway when they’ve finished reading.

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Content Remixed

An important aspect to consider when creating a content calendar is the content mix. This helps ensure content diversity and subsequently more engaging content. In most instances, utilising the content mix can ensure that you cater to the entirety of your potential audience.

Ensuring a good ratio of articles based on the content mix can also contribute to your clients becoming thought leaders in their respective fields. Writing more variable and engaging pieces of content e.g. Top Apps for the Fitness industry, also help position a site as less ‘salesy’. So when you eventually do write product type content it will tend to have more efficacy.


Content Amplified

It’s not enough to build it and pray for them to come. Some content will need to be amplified.

What content will we be recommending you amplify?

Well that depends if we are trying to expand Reach which in that case, we will be promoting top-of-funnel content, are trying to fuel Engagement or paying the bills aka Converting.

The other key reason for defining personas is it helps identify quality placements.

Distributing your quality content across the most reputable news and media placements in Australia can help you reach targeted audiences and encourages engagement with users in relevant contexts.

Due to the importance of content distribution, we specialise in to distribute your content on some of the biggest news and media sites in Australia (and globally if relevant) including:,,, and just to name a few.