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1. Inherently Inbound

Inbound marketing is the process of Attracting, Converting, Closing and Delighting targeted personas to your business.


It is about owning the customer journey of your personas with content and marketing activity. For instance, instead of fighting in the ‘red ocean’ of high cost adwords ads, why wouldn’t you want to own the research phase of someone looking to buy your product, before they even know what they are looking for?

We live and breathe inbound. We’ve presented at Hubspot User Groups, Universities and even have a dedicated weekly show to inbound marketing. Yep, we’re pretty insane when it comes to inbound because we see it yield incredible results.

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2. Cutting-edge Strategy before Shiny Tactics

We’ll create a purpose built, objective led Gameplan for your business


Our starting point is a half-day workshop to really get to know your business. Our job is to distill you business challenges, marketing opportunities, your competitors, what makes your different and all importantly, understanding your customer who we like to define as your ‘personas’.

The result? Within a week of meeting you, doing further market research on your known competitors, you’ll have in your hands, an explosive tactical powerhouse of a Strategic GamePlan.

The question is do they work? Do fish swim?! The process developed by one of our Co-Founders is unique, 10 years in the making and has been used by hundreds of clients.

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3. We’re Your Strategic Advantage (and contracts suck!)

We pull our weight compared to most in the industry


Some agencies will tell you they are like a department of your organisation but:

  • They’ll lock you into a 12-month contract
  • They hide processes from you under the guise of “IP”
  • The reporting you get you wouldn’t even accept from your grandmother
  • Will burn through months of testing

You wouldn’t accept that from an internal department would you? So why do we accept this from agency land? Don’t get us wrong, we love all our reputable friends in the industry (and will even refer you to them if we’re not a fit) but the industry by large is broken.

We’re here to fix it which brings us to our one ‘Soul’ Company Value..

4. Our Soul Company Value

Heart and Soul is where it begins. There are probably a dozen values we could share around how you would be treated as a client of RedPandas. But there’s one that says it all and our entire team lives by:


Our founders have been on both sides of the client and agency fence for a combined 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, but most importantly, how clients need to be treated. We’re committed to is breaking down the fence, elevating the level of expected service and re-defining the client/agency relationship.

Contact us and if you’re a right fit for our model we’d love to work for you as a natural extension of your organisation.

Time is money, what are you waiting for?

5. Results Count

In January 2016, we were engaged by Made for School. An iconic Australian uniform supplier established in 1922 with a lot of Aussie heritage.

We embarked on a digital campaign utilising social media and paid performance marketing. Made for School has utilised other agencies in the past and also tried national and expensive mediums such as TV, radio and print.

Not only did our digital efforts break the historic record of the best back to school season ever, we did so in the most competitive landscape Made For School has ever operated in.


“We engaged RedPandas for our Back-to-School season in 2016 and it was our most successful start of the year ever for our Made for School Brand. Based on year-on-year comparison, we experienced a 49.8% increase in revenue compared to the same campaign period a year prior”

Brad Aurisch – CEO LW Reid

We could share more but we’re known to be teasing, playful creatures

Seriously though, let’s chat and we’ll share