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The Cost of a They Ask, You Answer Partner

You’ve heard about the They Ask You Answer (aka TAYA) program but you’re wondering exactly what the investment and price of the program looks like. In this article, we’re going to breakdown TAYA and the factors that can impact price. 

You’ve heard about the They Ask You Answer (aka TAYA) program but you’re wondering exactly what the investment and price of the program looks like. In this article, we’re going to breakdown TAYA and the factors that can impact price. 

In particular, we’re going to cover: 

What is TAYA?

They Ask You Answer (aka TAYA) is a practical framework and sales and marketing philosophy that assumes one simple truth: if your prospect or customer asks a question, you answer, and in doing so, you will become the most trusted voice in your space and will gain more business than you ever have before. 

The framework of TAYA essentially follows this thought process: we want to uncover customer prospect’s worries, needs, issues, fears, barriers, uncertainties, pain points, hopes, and dreams, and respond to these buyer motivators with honest, thoughtful, and complete answers, and to build a culture around this in our team. This method will massively and directly impact sales. 

In order to make this method work, we must do the following: 

  • Conduct research to better understand customer questions and concerns. 
  • Speak directly to our sales team to understand customer questions and concerns. 
  • Create blog articles and videos around each of these questions/desires. 
  • Train sales on how to use this content in the sales process in a CRM 

If you want a deeper dive into what TAYA is, check out this article. 

What is TAYA Training & Coaching?

So after understanding what TAYA is, the next important question is how do you execute TAYA effectively? 

One option is to simply buy the book written by our business partner Marcus Sheridan ‘They Ask, You Answer’. This might be the only option if you are solopreneur or a small start-up however when rolling out TAYA yourself you’re likely going to run into three problems: 

  1. TAYA is a company-wide initiative. It requires new skills and coaching not just for marketing but also, sales and leadership teams. Some of these skills include conversion content writing, website CRO, training sales on modern techniques such as leveraging video and creating reports that track TAYA efforts. 
  1. You’ll struggle to create the quantity and quality of content that hits the mark in terms of generating leads and rankings in Google. 
  1. Your business-as-usual priorities will dilute your effect and you won’t have a notable impact on sales and marketing.  

Rather than experimenting on yourself for 9-12 months, you can engage a TAYA training & coaching agency like RedPandas who can leverage their experience to train and coach you for 12-18 months so you never need to engage and external agency for marketing again. 

What’s Included in TAYA Training & Coaching?

While full-service marketing retainers are the common trend across agencies and is something we offer, we believe that there is a better approach to create growth in your business. This is where our TAYA Training & Coaching services come into play. 

We like to distinguish between traditional agency services and TAYA Training & Coaching as Done for You vs Done by You services.   

So, what does TAYA Training & Coaching aka Done by You look like?  

At a very simple level, this means that your company will do all of the work, and we will train and coach your entire team, so that you can achieve success without ever needing an agency again. It gets you out of experimenting mode and straight into execution mode guided by experts that utilise the skills your team needs on a daily basis. 

Realistically speaking, there should not be a situation where you NEED a marketing agency forever, because if they’ve done their job properly, you should be able to run with the systems they implement yourself.  

Our Done By You service involves providing you with a coach, whom you will work with in 90-day cycles to: 

  • Drive specific outcomes in your business. We measure you on a scorecard and progress you toward 100 
  • Drive more inbound leads that close at a higher percentage 
  • Align your leadership, sales and marketing teams 
  • Build processes, behaviours and habits to help you execute 
  • Train your salespeople to be more effective and data driven 
  • Decide what training makes sense for you in what areas 

Our training and coaching focuses on helping teams build core competencies in four key areas: 

We offer three packages: 

  • Fast: completed over a period of 24 months 
  • Faster: completed over a period of 18 months 
  • Fastest: completed over a period of 12 months 

The faster the program, the more core competencies you work on at one time. 

Cost Breakdown of the Service

The pricing for our three packages are as follows (excluding GST): 

  • Fast: $7,500 per month 
  • Faster: $10,000 per month 
  • Fastest: $15,000 per month 
RedPandas They Ask, You Answer Coaching Packages 

Each package provides the same level of training and gives you access to the same experts. The difference between the packages simply depends on the speed at which you would like to execute and implement the training we give you. 

To be specific, in the Fast program, we would focus on only one core competency at a time, each taking three whole 90-day cycles (total of six months per core competency) to complete. One core competency may only include one team member or department just as an example. Therefore, it would take 24 months to effectively train and implement all four competency areas. 

In the Faster program, we would focus on two core competencies at a time, reducing the total time to effectively train and implement all four competency areas from 24 months to just 18 months. Our Faster program is our most popular and usually the best cadence for most businesses to effectively implement TAYA. 

In the Fastest program, we would focus on all four core competencies at a time, reducing the total time to effectively train and implement all four competency areas from 18 months to just 12 months. 

In order to complete the program faster, we need to dedicate a greater number of resources to help you do this. In particular, these resources include a greater number of coaches AND a higher frequency of coaching sessions. 

So, to sum up, our price for Done by You Coaching & Training ranges from $7,500 at the bottom, to $10,000 in the middle, and $15,000 at the high end. The main factor which influences our pricing is the speed at which the training program is implemented, with faster time needs requiring more resources from our end to accommodate. 

So, what’s next?

RedPandas is the first agency to offer coaching & training designed to make agencies (including ourselves) redundant in APAC. Your future exponential growth will be driven by your internal team, not an external agency. 

We apply the successfully tried and tested “They Ask, You Answer” (TAYA) program for our clients. This offering involves our experts coaching your team to implement the strategies, systems, and tactics that our partner IMPACT+ and ourselves have used to grow businesses over the last 5 years.  

If you’re interested in implementing TAYA in your own team, you can get in touch with us here. 

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