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Grow your business with our sales and marketing services

  • Digital Marketing Done for You
  • Paid Media
  • HubSpot & Integrations
  • Sales & Marketing Coaching

Need digital marketing support and expertise you don’t have internally?

Our Done for You Full-Service Retainers (DFY) refers to marketing services done for you by us on a monthly retainer basis. Our process begins with a strategic workshop with your team and results in a personalised roadmap which details everything we plan on executing on.

Small to Mid-sized Businesses
Large Businesses
Small to mid-sized
  • Quarterly Strategy onsite or virtually
  • Search Engine Optimisation + Link Building
  • Paid Media Management
  • Content Marketing: Videos/Articles
  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • HubSpot Automation & Marketing Funnels
  • Monthly Report
  • Weekly WIP calls

Exc. GST
Month-to-month contract
+$5,000 Onboarding

For large
($100M in revenue)
Everything in Growth plus:
  • More videos
  • More content
  • Bigger PPC Budgets
  • Enterprise HubSpot Management
  • CRO + Heatmapping
  • Senior Strategist
  • Monthly development hours
  • Design Services

Exc. GST
Month-to-month contract
+$5,000 Onboarding Fee

What’s included in Digital
Marketing Done For You?
Lead Gen Paid Media Strategist

Access to seasoned paid media specialists who offer expertise honed through years of industry experience. Our experts have experienced building ROI generating Google, Meta, LinkedIn and TikTok ads.

HubSpot/CRM & Email Support

HubSpot is a customer of RedPandas. Yep. You read that right. HubSpot pays RedPandas to deliver HubSpot onboarding so you can be confident the HubSpot expert assigned to you knows their stuff!

Digital Marketing Consultant

Getting things done is what separates professionals from amateurs. You’ll be assigned an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant that is the link between your business and our resources to ensure things are done on time and on budget.

In-house Content Production

From podcasts to engaging social ads to lead magnets to SEO-driving articles, RedPandas has got you covered

Paid Media Budget

Our pricing covers the cost of execution and your digital marketing/sales experts. Pricing does not include paid media budget spent and paid directly to Meta, Google, TikTok etc.

Sales & Marketing Software

Almost all companies working with us either use HubSpot or a reputable CRM/Marketing Automation tool to send emails, text, build landing pages etc. The software budget ranges between $500 and $2000

People Resources

You will always get the most out of your agency if you have a marketing resource internally to manage and work with them. This also speeds up the process as our time is spent less on educating and more on execution.

“They are really helpful and professional focusing on customer requirements and interactive approach with a great teamwork ethic.”

Arvin Shahbazi
Ricky Richards Australia

Are your retainers customised?

Absolutely. No two retainer clients are the same. Our roadmaps are customised according to your unique sales and marketing challenges. The inclusions above are shared as guides. Your actual inclusions will be developed through discovery and workshops.

What’s the difference between these retainers and coaching packages?

In short, digital marketing retainers are Done for You and our TAYA packages are Done By You. With the former you are paying for immediate execution. With the latter you are investing in your team. For many clients we recommend investing in your own team with training and coaching but understand not all clients are there yet. Read this in depth article that goes into the differences more.

Is there a contract?

No. We don’t believe in being locked down with a partner who isn’t performing. We almost believe it shows a lack of confidence from an agency partner trying to lock you down for 12 months.

Work smarter with HubSpot built by experts

In addition to being a Diamond partner, RedPandas is a customer of HubSpot in APAC contracted to onboard new clients sold by HubSpot.

Start By Watching The HubSpot Onboarding Video
I don’t have HubSpot yet
I have HubSpot
Hubspot Onboarding Fundamentals
HubSpot Onboarding Advanced
HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise
HubSpot Onboarding Fundamentals
Guidance & Coaching
(you do the work):
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Technical setup
  • Workflows Sequences
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • HubSpot Tools
  • Sales Tools
  • Training
Suitable for new HubSpot Starter & Pro Suites
HubSpot Onboarding Advanced
Execution & Training
(we do the work):
  • All items in Fundamentals
  • Data migration
  • Setup Training
  • Documentation
  • 1x sales training
  • 1x marketing training
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • 2 x reporting dashboards
Suitable for new HubSpot Pro Suites (for one Hub only)
HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise
Guidance & Coaching
(we do the work):
  • All items in Advanced
  • Custom Objects
  • Salesforce sync
  • Adaptive testing
  • Event triggers
  • Lead Scoring
  • Vidyard training
  • Additional training
  • And more…
Suitable for new HubSpot Enterprise
HubSpot Integration Cost

These vary greatly depending on the business and the technical requirements and needs to be a case-by-case basis quote. However, what we can say is that custom HubSpot Integrations start at $10,500 + GST.

What’s included in
HubSpot & Integrations?
Sales focused customer journeys

The objective is to map the ideal online customer journey sales must take your customers through including 1:1 videos, follow-up rules, proposal templates and more.

Workflow management

RedPandas is experienced in building both system workflows (workflows that maintain data, work with integrations) and external workflows that involve customer content

Lead scoring & forecasting

Prioritise who sales speaks to. Not everyone in your database is worth the same. Separate the gold from the dirt with lead scoring based on data.

Reporting that drives decisions

Leading indicators (sales activity, pages visited) are arguably more important than Lagging indicators (pure sales numbers). We help setup reports for leadership as well as individual salespeople so everyone knows if you’re winning.

“When we signed up for HubSpot, I was skeptical of the cost of the training, but in retrospect the training was invaluable. RedPandas are extremely knowledgeable not only about HubSpot but also about business procedures and have a clear and concise way of getting information across. We thoroughly enjoyed the training and gained unbelievable insight into HubSpot and other business processes.”

Daniel Gochin

How is RedPandas different to other agencies?

HubSpot is a client of RedPandas. Yes, you read that right. HubSpot pays RedPandas to execute work for its clients. We specialise in portals and clients that have defined customer journeys and sales teams and we do this well.

Do you offer hourly billing

RedPandas do offer 10-hour support blocks but these are only offered to clients who have already been through either one of our HubSpot Onboarding or Optimisation packages. The reason for this is that we know that if we spend 10 hours optimising a HubSpot portal which has never gone through the proper setup phase, we won’t be doing justice to our customers or our HubSpot specialists.   

How Does RedPandas Onboarding Compare to Purchasing Onboarding Direct through HubSpot?

HubSpot’s onboarding specialists don’t actually execute any work in client portals, they only guide them, whereas we do. This makes onboarding through a partner like RedPandas far more advanced than buying through HubSpot.

You still get a quality onboarding with HubSpot, you just get more support with an experience HubSpot agency like us. HubSpot is mainly a software provider and each HubSpot implementation specialist deals with 30-40 accounts at a time. Even HubSpot will refer clients that require more support to a HubSpot agency like RedPandas which allows both HubSpot and the agency to focus on what they each do best.

What do I get in a HubSpot Onboarding?

Depending on your package, RedPandas will either guide/coach you on what needs to be done or do the work completely for you. In either case, our job is to train you to ensure our job is redundant by the end of our project and you don’t need an agency to do any of the basics ever again.

For a detailed breakdown for everything you get in HubSpot Onboarding, check out this page.

What do I get in a HubSpot Optimisation? How is this different to Onboarding?

This package is perfect for you if your team is already setup on HubSpot and you’re looking to optimise, clean up and perfect your team’s HubSpot experience.

All of the execution items included in this package are the same as those included in the HubSpot Onboarding packages.

Why do HubSpot Optimisations cost more?

When we’re setting up a HubSpot portal from scratch, while there is a lot of work involved, but we can set everything up as best practice. That means there’s no clean up, no deciphering of existing complications, workflows, setup items etc – we can follow our systems and best practice processes without running into any issues.

When we’re working in an already existing HubSpot portal, we have to first audit the portal, which is where we understand how the portal has been set up, which takes considerable time in and of itself. We then have to be conscious of the current setup when we’re implementing our execution items. This slows down the implementation process considerably, hence the increased time commitment for HubSpot Optimisations.

Which industries do you specialise in?

Industries that have considered customer journeys. This includes B2B and any B2C where a customer journey can be defined. This includes B2C industries like education, home services, solar and more.

Who are some of your clients?

Our clients includes Bupa, Nutrimetics and HubSpot. We are not limited to enterprise work however and most of our clients are medium to large businesses.

Master ‘They Ask, You Answer’ and Get More Traffic, Sales & Leads

They Ask, You Answer is the most proven sales and marketing framework in the world for achieving online dominance in any space.

This page will help you understand the required budget, and answer many of the common questions as they relate to the implementation of They Ask, You Answer within your business.

Start By Watching The Overview Video
What is “They Ask You Answer” Coaching?
Small Businesses
Mid-sized Businesses
Large Businesses
For small business (<$2.5M in revenue)

For businesses operating with smaller, leaner teams that require quicker decision-making processes in order to stay agile.

Typical budget range

+ One-time $5,000 setup fee

For mid-sized businesses ($2.5M to $50M in revenue)

For businesses in growth mode that are ready to scale their marketing and sales operations and performance.


+ One-time $10,000 setup fee

For large 
businesses (>$50M in revenue)

For businesses with larger teams that require a broader scope and more in-depth training.


+ One-time $10,000 setup fee

Pace & level of urgency

Businesses that are looking to move at a faster pace towards mastery will require more coaching calls and training sessions each quarter. The volume of coaching calls and training sessions is flexible and will be managed by your coach.

Size & scale

Teams that are larger typically require additional levels of coordination and communication to assure that each team member is receiving the training they need, and leaders are aligned with the rest of the team members on progress and performance.

Staffing & software

Achieving success requires the right personnel, software, and/or equipment. Some businesses may or may not already have these resources in place, and therefore are crucial factors to consider when setting your budget.

Need help? Let’s work together to determine the plan that’s right for you and your business.

What’s included in
They Ask, You Answer Mastery?
Planning sessions

Every 90-days, we’ll work together to reflect on our performance, assess our progress towards your business goals, set new priorities and celebrate milestones.

Coaching calls

Your coach will guide you in implementing (and maintaining) the culture and practices of They Ask, You Answer successfully – keeping you focused on the right work, reviewing performance, and setting the stage for what comes next.

Training sessions

Through individual and group trainings, you’ll go deep on every core concept of They Ask, You Answer, including content marketing, video marketing, sales enablement, ROI reporting and more.


Every program includes an IMPACT+ for Business membership in the initial setup fee giving you and your team access to our online community, online courses, progress tracking tools, and tickets to our in-person event, IMPACT Live.

Sales & marketing software

Almost all companies that succeed with They Ask, You Answer use HubSpot, Vidyard, and Semrush.

For most businesses, the software budget ranges between $500 and $2,000/mo.

Content & video staff

We strongly recommend that all businesses hire a full-time content manager at the start of the engagement, and as they grow, they add a full-time videographer.

Starting salaries for these positions can vary depending on your market, but we’ve seen a lot of companies hire at entry-level rates around $45,000 to 65,000/year.

Video equipment

For your videographers and video content to be successful, you’ll need proper audio equipment, a camera, lighting, and a backdrop.

Depending on your needs or preferences, most businesses invest between $1,800 and $10,000 in video equipment.

“TAYA has helped marketing and sales to be aligned in a way where we’re all coming together to work on the same result. It’s very easy to be drawn into the industry that you’re working in, so having a different perspective from a TAYA Coach was really vital to our success.”

Bass Saleem
Penrith Solar

Who is RedPandas?

RedPandas is a specialist lead generation focused company that helps APAC businesses with digital marketing, sales & marketing training and HubSpot. We believe businesses only should work with agencies to the point where they have the resources in-house to make them redundant. We operate both as a ‘Done by You’ agency (your team does the work with our consulting and training) and a ‘Done for You’ agency (we do the work).

What is your connection with IMPACT and Marcus Sheridan?

In 2022, our long-term friends, IMPACT, acquired RedPandas Digital. RedPandas are now part of the IMPACT group of companies and the official and preferred partner for Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask, You Answer program. Our Australian team has the benefit of being trained directly and regularly by Marcus Sheridan.

Does RedPandas work will all businesses in regards to They Ask, You Answer Mastery?

No. After meeting potential clients for the first time, we find we can help about half the businesses that approach us. Although this depends on the industry, we find the best clients we can help are those that are working with external agencies and stand to lose $200K-$250K over the span of a 3 year relationship with their agency. For the right clients we train and coach them with the skills they need internally to never need an agency again whilst dramatically improving their sales and marketing results.

Are there businesses that should not work with RedPandas?

Businesses that see marketing as a cost centre and not a profit centre won’t be a right fit. RedPandas is not a traditional marketing agency. We work to make ourselves redundant by empowering our retainer or TAYA Mastery clients. We coach businesses and their sales and marketing teams on how to implement a proven methodology that’s led thousands of companies to tremendous growth. If you’re a business that wants to outsource your marketing indefinitely, then we’re not for you.

Can you work in other languages and time zones?

RedPandas Digital predominately operates in the APAC region. If you are outside this region then visit our parent company to find a coach in your region.

How do I decide between packages?

All plans get you to They Ask, You Answer mastery; it just depends on how fast you need to get there. The faster the plan, the more intensive the training. Our Cost of a They Ask, You Answer resource page can help you determine which plan is right for you.