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The Power of Video


Video marketing remains best performing digital content type, driving more response than any other posting option.


of senior executives visit a site related to the video they watched on YouTube.


According to ComScore, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

Share your objectives, we’ll recommend a video solution

If you’re not doing video in 2022, you’re playing catch-up..

But that’s ok we’re here to help!

Most marketers know they need video but many don’t know where to start. This is where often we help clients with the strategy, creation and distribution framework.

There are two types of video: High Production & Content Marketing

High Production videos are your high quality, multi-camera angle, people-slow-mo-walking, b-roll rich videos. There are three main high production videos your business should have:

  1. The Why Us Video: Represents who you are and the problems you solve
  2. The Process Video: What is the precise process one takes when they decide to take your service. What is your onboarding like? What’s the experience like?
  3. The Case Study Video: Because people want to see others like them trust you

Content Marketing videos are the videos you create on a regular basic. They are simple quick to shoot, 1 camera angle shots that we either do for you or offer our training services so you can do them yourself.

For most of our digital marketing retainer clients, in a roadmap they will receive between 1-3 high production videos and a series of 6-12 content marketing videos over an agreed period.

Why Us Videos

If you don’t have any video you’re proud of communicating to the world, the ‘Why Us’ video is the first video you create.

This is THE video you place on your homepage. A good Why Us video is designed to communicate your value proposition, in other words, it focuses on the sum benefit your customers will receive.

The Why Us video works well at the top of funnel when prospects are just trying to figure out what you do and what you stand for.

Example of a Why Us video we did for a client in the Education sector:

Case Study Videos

The key with a case study is video is to have someone else, not you, touting the real benefits of your product and service. Case study videos work incredibly well at the bottom of funnel and we often like to use snippets of these videos in YouTube remarketing ads as they are extremely effective.

Example of a Case Study video we did for a client in Risk Management:

Process Videos

Process videos are incredibly effective at the bottom of funnel stage and great to send to sales qualified leads in proposals or emails. They in essence communicate how exactly how a prospect would commence working with you and the experience they have to look forward to.

Example of a Process video we did for a client in recruitment:

Content Marketing Videos

Just because we call them ‘content marketing videos’ doesn’t mean they are not high quality! The idea is these are videos we shoot with you at your location in batch. We can get through anywhere from 6-12 videos in one half a day shoot. We do this by speaking to your staff or key brand representatives.

At this point you’re thinking “umm, we don’t have experience on video!” That’s ok, our video trainer will coach you or your team exactly how to communicate on camera. They’ll keep it conversational and if needed, we’ll bring a teleprompter on site to make it super simple!

Don’t worry, we’ve done this before! Our video marketing capability, creativity and skill to distribute is a key strength that sets us apart from any digital marketing agency you’ll find in Sydney.

Example of a Content Marketing video: