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In this episode Moby shares all the marketing takeaways from F8. F8 ofcourse is Facebook’s annual conference where they announce their Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp roadmap.

PLUS, is HubSpot too expensive? It’s a question we get asked almost weekly and Moby’s answer may not be one everyone necessarily agrees with!

Buzz 1: Marketing Takeaways from F8

Facebook has dropped for the first time in 5 years in terms of importance for marketers:


Source: 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by SME

Key takeways:

    1. Facebook is pushing Messenger as the new hub of personal social communication
    2. Whatsapp Wants to be the Western World’s WeChat
    3. Facebook is becoming less important as a social platform, moving towards public groups
    4. There is still opportunity in Instagram, move away from like count

What should marketers do?

  1. Forget the Facebook Newsfeed & diversify
  2. Explore Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for business deeper
  3. If you’re a bigger company, investigate whether the Messenger Platform API has opportunities for you
  4. There is life in instagram yet. Instagram is the 2nd most important social platform for marketers for the first time this year
  5. Video is still important; Facebook Watch, Instagram, IGTV

Buzz 2: Is HubSpot Too Expensive?

Feature was inspired by the following post on HubSpot Community:


Cost of marketing automation is declining:


Source: Marketing Automation Insider


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