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Who We Are

We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in marketing automation and plugging the holes in your customer’s buyer journey. Do you have a reach problem? Do you struggle with engagement? Or is it a convert problem? We work at every stage of your buyer’s journey and help you close the gap.

We are based in Sydney and operate Australia-wide. We specialise in longer consideration buying cycles which includes B2B and high value B2C industries like education, property and industrial markets. Why did we call the agency RedPandas? We get asked that a lot about our funky brand identity so here’s more information about that here.

Our Services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • HubSpot Onboarding & Optimisation
  • Custom HubSpot Integration Builds
  • Paid Media Management
  • Video Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • SEO & Content marketing
  • Website Design & Development

Meet our RedPandas

Gaining 15 years’ worth of digital mastery on both sides of the corporate client and agency fence, Moby co-founded RedPandas with the idea of re-defining the client/agency relationship by making sure the client is empowered and treated right.

Moby is also a master of lame dad jokes, enjoys boxing and jiu jitsu and is an accidental TikTok influencer.


CEO and Head Strategist Panda

Previously managing commercial clients as a former lawyer to managing two little munchkins of her own, Sophia co-founded RedPandas with Moby, and is now in charge of managing finance, client services, and really enjoys nurturing culture at RedPandas.

Sophia loves to diffuse essential oils, enjoys a good avocado on toast and doesn’t consider herself a cat lady but is secretly crazy over her cat Rumi.


CFO and Client Services Panda

Initially gaining a degree in education, Tasha fell into marketing and found an untapped passion for it and has never looked back. Transferring that love for teaching and learning Tasha is our resident certified HubSpot certified trainer and loves being part of a client’s learning in their marketing and sales journey.

Tasha is a protective mum to her precious Jack Russel cross Pug (Jug) Bobo, enjoys going camping and has had 3 amateur boxing fights and remains undefeated.


HubSpot Specialist Panda

Linda climbed the corporate ladder very early on in her marketing career and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to RedPandas as a digital marketing specialist. Linda now enjoys working agency side by ensuring our clients’ digital needs are met.

Linda is a former tennis athlete, enjoys travelling and exploring new places, and can be found snacking on olives at any given time.


Digital Marketing Specialist Panda

Having been part of the RedPandas tribe since its inception, Omer heads up our development team. Omer’s strength is in taking client problems and solving them with code to produce really good looking but easy-to-navigate websites and landing pages. Omer is also in charge of building custom client integrations with HubSpot.

Omer is currently learning to master the art of archery, has a bit of a sweet tooth and has a rapidly growing collection of books to start his own library.


Web Development Panda

A digital marketer from way back, Maria has been working on all things internet since 2005. Professional and intuitive, Maria is driven by the urge to see clients happy and kicking their digital goals.

Maria loves to imbue creativity in all aspects of life, as exemplified by her colourful sneaker collection and her love of decorating themed parties.


Digital Marketing Specialist Panda

Bringing to life the creative visions and design ideas of all our clients, April is head of design at RedPandas. April’s work can be seen in our brand refresh projects, web design and development projects and brand identity work.

April’s creativity and equally powerful left and right brain strengths make her an indispensable cog at RedPandas.


Digital and Design Panda

Jonico heads up our sales and partnerships team. Jonico truly enjoys matching a client’s sales, marketing and growth challenges to a suite of solutions by way of automation and digital marketing strategy.

In a former life, Jonico played professional Rugby in Japan and has also proudly represented the Philippines in both, Rugby League & Rugby Union. If you have a sales challenge, chances are Jonico has solved it in the past!


Business Development Panda

After graduating university in the UK, Hannah flew to Australia to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Digital Media. She worked in a highly coveted role for the NSW Business Chamber before working in fashion for a number of years.

Hannah is pretty kick ass at video games, loves a bit of crafting, and has been dubbed the “campfire cooking queen” by friends after perfecting her camp chilli.


Digital Marketing Coordinator Panda

Pratihba heads up our team of 3 full time SEO specialists.


Head of SEO Panda

Ayushi heads up our team of 3 full time Google and Social Media ads specialists.


Head of Paid Media Panda

Our Values


Service our client’s business as if it were our own

This is the heart and soul of why we started RedPandas and we exist to fulfil the digital marketing needs of our clients in an honest, transparent and intuitive way.


Love of learning

If we want to be ground-breaking in our industry, we have to be humble enough to know we aren’t know-it-alls and that learning is the key to our growth.


Our people are our profit

Our number one asset is our team and RedPandas would not be what it is without all our pandas doing their bit, and our pandas are passionate people who love what they do.


Good vibes only

Culture is at the heart of RedPandas so we value each other and we value each other’s dignity knowing that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.


Psych safety

We encourage our pandas to be brave when voicing their ideas and taking creative risks, as well as constructive criticism without fear of losing trust or confidence in our pandas.


The authentic approach

We acknowledge that a lot of learning happens when we fail, but by being authentic allows our team to grow, learn and use their initiative to do right by the client and by RedPandas.