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How Long Can I Expect to Get Results With TAYA

How Long Can I Expect to Get Results With TAYA? 

So, you’re interested in implementing ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) for your business, but you’re worried about the time it will take to get ROI with TAYA. In this article, we’re going to give you that clarity. 

So, you’re interested in implementing ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) for your business, but you’re worried about the time it will take to get ROI with TAYA. In this article, we’re going to give you that clarity. 

In particular, we’re going to be covering:

What is TAYA?

They Ask You Answer (aka TAYA) is a practical framework and sales and marketing philosophy that assumes one simple truth: if your prospect or customer asks a question, you answer, and in doing so, you will become the most trusted voice in your space and will gain more business than you ever have before.  

In order to implement TAYA, you need to at least do the following:  

To learn more about TAYA, check out our Comprehensive Guide on TAYA. 

What Results Can I Expect with TAYA?  

While the results you see will vary based on your specific goals, needs, and your willingness to commit to the changes you need to make, here are the results you can expect both in the short- and long-term. 

  • Decreased time to close sales 
  • Less time and energy wasted on bad fit prospects 
  • Increased close rate 
  • Increased sales volume 
  • Increased leads 
  • Increased traffic 

TAYA helps you to create great sales-focused content and teaches you how to intentionally use that content in your sales process. 

The degree to which TAYA helps you increase all of the above-mentioned metrics is dependent on your specific goals, needs, and output. What we can say is that clients who put in the work see all of these metrics rise.  

How Long Will It Take to Get Results? 

You’re probably wondering exactly how long it takes to reach different milestones with TAYA. Let’s break down what the results look like for most companies implementing TAYA across 90 days, longer term, and month-to-month.  

Results in 90 Days 

In 90 days, you can expect to achieve the following results: 

Long Term Results 

In the long term (beyond 90 days), you can expect to achieve the following results: 

  • Dominate rankings in your industry and generate a large amount of website traffic 
  • Exponential revenue growth 
  • Employees are happier, more skilled, and more valued 
  • Saves money in the long run 

Dominate Rankings & Increase Web Traffic 

graph showing increase in organic seo traffic
Bill Ragan’s Roofing organic traffic results improved dramatically after implementing TAYA, creating a ripple effect on leads and sales.  

After 90 days, you should start to dominate rankings for different keywords and your web traffic should increase dramatically. This is exactly what happened for Bill Ragan’s Roofing, who saw an enormous increase in web traffic from less than 5k visitors per month to over 125k visitors per month.  

Exponential Revenue Growth 

When you implement TAYA, you have the benefit of combining marketing and sales teams  When this happens, your marketing team are able to produce pieces of content that answer customer questions that are presented to salespeople every single day. These pieces of content can then be used by salespeople in the sales process. For example, salespeople can ask prospects to read a relevant article that answers some of their questions before they hop on a call with the prospect.  

This results in two different things happening. First, leads will significantly increase over time as your website begins to generate more traffic for questions that customers are searching for every day. Second, close rates will dramatically increase and the length of sales cycle will shorten, resulting in more sales. As this happens, you’ll find that revenue growth is impacted significantly.  

“In 2021, we’ve gotten $475k in revenue from They Ask, You Answer content alone, and we’re on pace for 600k in 2022.” 

Scott Merritt, Owner @Fire & Ice 

Employees are happier, more skilled, and more valued 

An incredible by-product of TAYA that we initially underestimated is that it’s the most powerful training and development program leadership and marketing could undertake.  

Great marketers especially want to develop their skills and knowledge. Part of the value for a marketer working somewhere is how much they feel they are growing, learning and adding value for the organisation they work for. When working with an agency that externally manages your marketing your internal team simply doesn’t get this value. In fact, sometimes, there is often conflict between internal marketers and the agency you employ. TAYA avoids this and builds better marketer and salespeople. 

Saves money in the long run 

While there is a cost in the initial stages to get your team up and running with TAYA, this quickly transforms into an investment once your company owns the systems and processes around marketing. When these systems and processes are owned, it allows your team to make a significant impact on your company without ever having to outsource. This results in increased growth and saved costs.   

Additionally, companies that invest in TAYA see their inbound leads and conversion rates grow significantly. This often results in less reliance on paid media spend and paying per lead to external aggregators – who of course offer zero loyalty to your business. 

What will my results look like month-to-month? 

Below we take a look at one example of how TAYA’s impact on business could look month-to-month. Note that this is just one example of TAYA in action, and it might not look exactly like this for you because our TAYA programs are customised for each client, however, this should give you some idea of what to expect.  

Months 1 to 3 

This is where we hit publish and get the sales team engaged as part of the formal revenue team. Usually in this stage we don’t generate any sort of tangible success in terms of revenue, leads and traffic from the articles directly.  

What we do often see right away is higher closing rates and prospecting connects from the sales team using 1:1 video and assignment selling.  

Overall, in the first quarter, we base our success in this period on two questions:  

  1. Are we consistently producing content? 
  2. Is sales integrating content into their process? I.e. using assignment selling 

If the answer is yes to these two questions, then we’re off to a flying start. 

Months 3 to 6 

In this stage, you’ll notice that your traffic is beginning to climb. This is where the impact of your consistent content creation pays off, and you begin generating increased traffic as search engines start realising you exist. As a result, you’ll start to see serious leads coming through every single month.  

Months 6-18 

During this period, you should start to see the beginnings of the impact of TAYA on sales and revenue figures. Sales close rates should begin increasing, sales lifecycle should be shortening, and revenue numbers should be climbing. 

The degree to which these effects occur depend on competition, saturation of content, and more. Sometimes, when the competition is high and there is a lot of content already in the space, it can take up to 18 months to make an impact.  

Months 18-36 

In this stage you’ll start to see significant climbs in revenue figures as a result of TAYA. Traffic, leads, sales and revenue will all climb in tandem and at an exponential rate. This is where you really start seeing the magic of TAYA work for your company. 

So, what’s next?

Now that you know the ROI that’s possible with TAYA and the time it takes to achieve this, it’s time to decide whether or not TAYA is right for you. If you can comfortably spend the money, then TAYA is most likely right for you, considering the results.  

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