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Why Your Articles Don’t Generate Sales & How To Fix It

Imagine reviewing your revenue in the morning and discovering that one blog article generated over $1,000,000 for your business.  Most businesses don’t consider the possibility that articles, when written correctly, can impact the bottom line significantly. So, how do we write articles that generate revenue?

Imagine reviewing your revenue in the morning and discovering that one blog article generated over $1,000,000 for your business.  

Most businesses can’t imagine this scenario for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they haven’t considered the possibility that articles, when written correctly, can impact the bottom line significantly.  

Additionally, they don’t have the measurement systems that can track giving credit to articles and most importantly, they don’t have the right framework to create these articles.

A sample report showing resource pages on our website generating more than $30,000  

If your business is producing blog articles with no revenue generation DIRECTLY produced from the articles, then there’s something wrong. 

So, the question then becomes, how do we write articles that generate sales? 

In this article, we’re going to delve into:  

The Importance of Revenue Teams in Revenue Generating Blog Articles 

If the main requirement of article generating content is that it speaks directly to your customer concerns and questions, then who in the business would be best at revealing what these concerns and questions are?

That’s right, the sales team. They are on the frontline, dealing with prospects every single day, and because of this, they know better than ANYONE else in your company the questions and concerns that your prospects have. 

However when the marketing team sits in their own silo, separate from the sales team, they end up writing content that, while being entertaining and interesting, does not directly speak to the customer’s main questions and concerns. And how can you blame the marketer? Sure, they can create their buyer personas and build content based on this, but it’ll never hit the nail on the head – it’ll never be just right.  

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to get the sales team involved in the content ideation process, so that they can provide rich, real, necessary information for the marketer to utilise.  

Getting sales and marketing teams working together is key 

Getting your sales and marketing teams working together all starts with forming a formal Revenue Team. 

The Revenue Team meets weekly or fortnightly and is made up of key players from your sales and marketing teams. The revenue team’s main goal is to increase company revenue, and they do this by developing and executing content to be used in the sales process to accelerate the sales cycle. 

In other words, the marketing team sits down with the sales team and finds out the exact customer questions and concerns that the sales team deals with, and then the marketing team produces articles around these. Once the articles have been produced, the sales team uses those articles in the sales process as educational tools to provide prospects with at different stages of the sales cycle, depending on the specific questions and concerns that the prospect has.  

Because the sales team was involved in the content creation/ideation process they actually respect the content, use the content in their sales conversations and provide feedback to the marketing team with what is working and what isn’t. 

Our experience shows that once a Revenue Team is established and content is being generated and used, the sales cycle is shortened and close rates improve significantly because they do the obvious job of proactively answering buyer questions and concerns. 

When articles that DIRECTLY answer prospects questions and concerns are produced in tandem with the sales team, a strange thing happens. Your company is perceived as the trusted voice in the space, and everyone wants to buy from your company, because trust is the emotion that guides the buying exchange. And it is this, which is the key to success. 

How to Build a Revenue Team in your Organisation 

There are three things that must absolutely happen in order to build a revenue team inside your company.  

Buy In 

Your entire company must be bought into the mission of becoming the #1 Teacher in your industry, with an obsession on answering all of your ideal buyer’s questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. 

Assignment Selling 

Your sales team needs to adopt assignment selling, which is where they assign homework to prospects of content that answers common questions received during the sales process. This can be as simple as sharing specific articles with the prospect to read during the sales process.  

Measuring Frameworks 

You need to have measurement frameworks that prove content is generating sales and keeps the revenue team excited. It’s outside the scope of this video but we have other resources that demonstrate how you can use HubSpot to create reports that show actually revenue connected to specific articles as well as a bunch of other reports that will help 

P.S. You might be wondering, how can I measure ROI from an article and connect the data from the sales process to the marketing? If you want to know how you can set this up for your business, check this article out on Using HubSpot to Measure ROI. 

If you can ensure these three things happen, then you can successfully build a revenue team in your organisation and generate revenue from your articles. If you still feel like you need assistance with building a revenue team, we offer coaching to help you get this setup. 

So, where to from now? 

Clearly, generating revenue from articles is something that can have an enormous impact on your business, so it isn’t something that should be ignored.  

We recommend jumping on top of this right now. Why? Because if you don’t, your competitors will, and if they get to it first, it’ll be harder for you to rank in the search engine and build long term profitability using blog article content.  

There are so many steps involved, and it can be quite overwhelming. So, here’s a recap of the first few steps you need to take in order to get started with generating revenue from your blog articles:  

  1. Create a revenue team and set weekly content brainstorming sessions where the sales team provides the marketing team with questions and concerns their prospects have been asking.  
  1. Produce blog articles around these questions and concerns.  
  1. Use these blog articles in the sales process as educational tools for prospects.  

Still not sure where to start? We offer coaching for businesses to help them get set up in utilising this system for their business.  

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