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How to make an Irresistible Video Thumbnail for YouTube

February 27, 2023 / All, Blog - 6 minutes

Six Tips to Close More Deals with Video 

Picture this: You’ve just finished a sales call and send out a follow up email with your prospect. Weeks later, and you’re only met with radio silence. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You know your product or service could benefit the person you’re reaching out to, but you just can’t seem to close the deal, or it just takes far too long to close and you wish you could shorten the sales cycle. This is where video can make all the difference. 

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specialist vs generalist

February 24, 2023 / All, Blog - 8 minutes

Specialist vs Generalist: Which is Better for my Business? 

When it comes to building a successful team, one of the biggest decisions that managers and business owners face is whether to hire generalists or specialists. On one hand, generalists are versatile employees who can take on a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. On the other hand, specialists are experts in a specific area and can bring a deep level of knowledge and skill to the table. So, which approach is the right one for your business?

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primer on pricing strategy

February 22, 2023 / All, Blog - 10 minutes

A Primer on Pricing Strategy (plus things that might be killing yours) 

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your pricing strategy without seeing any real results? Do you struggle with finding the right balance between affordability and profitability? You’re not alone. Many business owners struggle with finding the perfect pricing model for their products or services. But what if I told you that there’s a secret to effective pricing?

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copywriter vs content writer

February 20, 2023 / All, Blog - 4 minutes

The Difference Between a Copywriter vs Content Writer

The world of professional writing is vast and diverse, and within it, there are many different types of writers who specialise in different areas. Two of the most common types of writers are copywriters and content writers. Both play important roles in the world of marketing and advertising, but they have different goals and responsibilities. In this article, we will explore the differences between copywriters and content writers and help you determine which one is the best fit for your project.

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how to convert leads using buyer's guide

February 10, 2023 / All, Blog - 7 minutes

How to Convert More Leads with a Buyer’s Guide 

In today’s digital age, we as consumers have become more cautious than ever about sharing our personal information online. And that’s why, now more than ever, businesses need to create content that is so high value, it’s worth trading our details for. This is where a Buyer’s Guide comes in. A Buyer’s Guide is a great way to make connections with your leads, and get them to digitally introduce themselves to you.


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