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At RedPandas, we won’t touch a content marketing strategy (or even Digital Marketing strategy for that matter) until we’ve identified a brand’s buyer personas. It’s are the core of everything we do.

Creating buyer personas allows you to segment your target markets and create strong, targeted marketing activities including Content Marketing, CRO and even SEO!

Download our free editable persona sample and template. This template has been used to direct marketing activities for literally hundreds of brands and has been presented at keynote presentations.

It’s important to treat your buyer personas as a living document (and not relegating it to the forgotten land of folder-dom). Share your personas with internal and external stakeholders. Share them proudly. Stand on the rooftops and shout their names! Ok.. maybe not the last part..

This template will includes tips and tricks for:

  • Asking the right questions during your persona interviews and surveys
  • Formatting your persona research in a compelling way
  • Presenting your new, finalized buyer personas to your company
  • Using your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing

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