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Group ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) Coaching

The concept of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) isn’t another marketing fad; it’s a proven framework that has transformed businesses across the globe. But understanding TAYA and implementing it effectively are two very different challenges. Execution is where many stumble. As such, you might wonder whether you can navigate this journey alone or if you need a guide to lead the way. The Group TAYA Coaching Program is designed to give your business the guidance it needs, but at a fraction of the cost and in a community of peers who share your journey.

The concept of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) isn’t another marketing fad; it’s a proven framework that has transformed businesses across the globe. But understanding TAYA and implementing it effectively are two very different challenges. Execution is where many stumble. As such, you might wonder whether you can navigate this journey alone or if you need a guide to lead the way. The Group TAYA Coaching Program is designed to give your business the guidance it needs, but at a fraction of the cost and in a community of peers who share your journey. 

What Exactly is ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) 

They Ask You Answer (aka TAYA) is a practical framework and sales and marketing philosophy that assumes one simple truth: if your prospect or customer asks a question, you answer, and in doing so, you will become the most trusted brand in your space and will gain more business than you ever have before.  

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For those interested in diving deeper into the TAYA methodology, a comprehensive guide is available below that explores every facet of this transformative approach.

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Why Should You Implement TAYA? 

One of the core benefits of implementing TAYA is that it empowers your team. This strategy encourages businesses to take their marketing efforts in-house, transforming various team members into content creators who share their expertise directly with your audience.  

On the sales side, it trains salespeople to ‘solve not sell’, utilising content and world class communication skills to increase their authority whilst shortening the sales cycle with content and video. 

This does not neccesarily mean you will no longer need external marketing support, but it does mean that the heart of your marketing—the content—comes from those who know your business best. 

Here’s why empowering your team in this way is so powerful: 

  • Greater Quality Control: Content created by your team resonates more authentically with your audience because it comes from real experience and expertise 
  • Speed of Execution and Agility: Since everything is managed in-house, there are less time lags due to fewer communication channels that need to be accessed every time a marketing activity is ready for review from a manager. Faster turnaround times on work leads to more work overall being completed, and more value for your buck 
  • Alignment: When your team is directly involved in content creation, there’s a stronger alignment between your marketing efforts and your business’s core values and objectives 
  • Salespeople will use the content: When content is created internally, with the input of salespeople and they see how it impacts results, that’s when they will actually use it 
  • Employees are happier, more skilled and feel more valued: Great marketers want to develop their skills and knowledge. Part of the value of a marketer working somewhere is how much they feel they are growing, learning and adding value for the organisation they work for. When working with an agency that externally manages your marketing your internal team simply doesn’t get this value. But when you take your marketing in house, your team members grow faster, becoming more skilled and happier as a result 
  • Increases the value of the company: When marketing systems and processes sit inside of the business instead of in an external agency, it acts as an asset as this can be utilised in the future regardless of management changes in the company, thereby increasing the value of the company.  
Insourced marketing means a happier, effective and empowered team  

Beyond team empowerment, TAYA offers revenue driven advantages that can transform your business’s presence and bottom line: 

  • Improved Search Engine Visibility: By answering the questions your potential customers are searching for online, you increase the chances of your content ranking highly in search engine results. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest doing TAYA means you should fire your SEO agency 
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Content that addresses your audience’s specific needs and concerns builds trust. This trust, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates, as potential customers are more likely to choose your company over competitors 
  • Higher Sales Close Rates and Shorter Sales Cycles: As your sales reps use the content developed by your team in the sales process, their close rates will increase and the time taken to close deals will decrease, ultimately resulting in more revenue 

Why Can’t We Do TAYA Ourselves? 

It’s natural to ponder, “If ‘They Ask, You Answer’ is fundamentally about answering questions, why can’t we simply do it ourselves?” 

It’s a valid question.  

After all, the concept seems straightforward: listen to your customers, understand their concerns, and then create content that addresses those issues.  

However, the execution of TAYA, while rooted in simplicity, is nuanced and requires a strategic approach to realise its full potential. 

The Challenge of Perspective 

One of the primary challenges businesses face when trying to implement TAYA on their own is the difficulty of seeing their company and its offerings from the outside in.  

It’s often hard to: 

  • Identify which questions are truly the most pressing to your potential customers 
  • Approach these questions from an unbiased, customer-centric perspective 
  • Write in a way that is actually TAYA best practice AND ranks highly in Google 

Having been deeply involved in the inner workings of your business, it can be challenging to step back and view your products or services as a customer might. This insider bias can lead to missed opportunities in addressing the real concerns and questions of your audience. 

The Complexity of Content Strategy 

Another significant challenge is the complexity of developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy. TAYA isn’t just about answering questions—it’s about answering them in the right way, at the right time, and through the right channels.  

This involves, at a minimum: 

  • Keyword research to understand how people are searching for these topics online 
  • Content planning to ensure a balanced and strategic approach to the topics you cover 
  • Content creation, which requires consistent effort and resources to produce quality, engaging, SEO optimised materials that follow TAYA writing principles 
  • Content distribution, making sure your content is seen by your target audience through SEO, social media, email marketing, and other channels 

The Benefit of Coaching 

This is where the benefit of coaching, especially from experts experienced in the TAYA methodology, becomes invaluable.  

A coach can provide: 

  • External Perspective: Helping you to see your business as your customers do, identifying the most critical questions and the best ways to answer them 
  • Strategic Guidance: Offering a roadmap for your content strategy, including what topics to tackle, how to structure your content for maximum impact, and how to measure success 
  • Accountability: Keeping you on track with your content goals, ensuring you maintain a consistent output of high-quality content 
  • Customised Support: Tailoring advice and strategies to fit your specific business needs, industry challenges, and unique customer base 
  • Sales coaching: Getting salespeople believing content will help them sell is one thing, then there’s actually training them how to do so. Therefore, many TAYA coaching programs include sales coaching at varying levels because TAYA is a sales-first initiative 

By partnering with a TAYA coach, you can navigate the complexities of content marketing more effectively, ensuring that your efforts are not just consistent but also strategically aligned with your business objectives and customer needs. 

And remember: a Coach has done it before. This can mean the difference between doing TAYA effectively to a level that works or trying (incorrectly), failing and giving up on it for good. That’s why having them on your side is invaluable.  

Still wondering whether you should implement TAYA yourself? Check out the below article. 

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Benefits of Group Coaching vs Typical Coaching 

When considering the implementation of the ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) philosophy in your business, the choice between going it alone, opting for typical coaching, or engaging in group coaching is crucial.  

Each option has its merits, but group coaching offers unique advantages that make it an appealing choice for many businesses. 

Group Coaching involves engaging in typical TAYA business coaching but doing it in a group with other businesses just like you. 

Cost Efficiency 

One of the most significant advantages of group coaching is its cost efficiency. Traditional coaching, while highly effective, can be a considerable investment for smaller businesses.  

For example, the cost of typical TAYA Coaching is at minimum $7,500 and at most $15,000 depending on the package you choose.  

the cost of a they ask you answer partner

Group coaching, on the other hand, provides many of the same benefits but at a fraction of the cost.  

If the prospect of getting all the insights, support, and benefits of TAYA coaching at half the price in a small group setting appeals to you, then group coaching could be the perfect fit. 

This cost efficiency does not come at the expense of value.  

Group coaching sessions are designed to ensure that each business receives personalised attention and guidance, while also benefiting from the shared experience of the group.  

This dynamic creates a rich learning environment where participants can learn not just from the coach, but also from the experiences and questions of their peers. 

Learning from Peers

The group coaching setting offers a unique advantage: the opportunity to learn from other business owners and marketing professionals who are on the same journey as you.  

This peer learning aspect can be incredibly valuable, providing different perspectives and insights that you might not have considered. 

In a group coaching setting, participants often share their challenges, successes, and strategies for implementing TAYA within their businesses. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and support, making the journey towards effective content marketing less isolating and more achievable. 

Groups are small, intimate and members have veto power 

Groups are limited only to 5 businesses. Earlier members have veto power on whether new businesses can enter their group. 

In our experience, groups of 5 (say 5 content managers from 5 different companies), provides a perfect balance of personalised support and dynamic group learning. 

Group members also do not include competitors and members must sign an NDA. 

Shared Experiences and Networking 

Beyond the learning benefits, group coaching also offers networking opportunities.  

Participants in group coaching programs typically come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, providing a broad network of contacts who can become valuable resources, collaborators, or even customers in the future. 

Is Group Coaching Right for You? 

If you’re intrigued by the idea of receiving expert TAYA coaching at a more accessible price point, and the thought of learning alongside and from other businesses excites you, then group coaching might be the ideal path for your TAYA journey.  

The blend of cost efficiency, peer learning, and networking opportunities makes group coaching a compelling option for businesses looking to elevate their content marketing strategy without breaking the bank. 

What Does Group Coaching Include? 

group coaching inclusions

Here’s a breakdown of what participants can expect when they join the Group Coaching program: 

  • A Head Coach to discuss quarterly priorities. Individual & group sessions 
  • A Sales Coach for monthly coaching. Group sessions
  • A Content Coach for fortnightly coaching sessions. Group sessions  
  • A HubSpot/Marketing Automation Coach. Individual sessions 
  • Fortnightly ‘Office Hours’ to bring any unique issues/questions to coach (only content coach) 

A Head Coach to Discuss Quarterly Priorities, Group Sessions 

Each group will have a dedicated head coach responsible for guiding the overall direction of the coaching sessions.  

This includes discussing and setting unique quarterly priorities for your business based on the needs and goals of your business. Members will come together to share their priorities, however you will be coached and supported on the priorities your business needs to hit your sales, marketing and revenue goals. 

The head coach ensures that each session is aligned with these priorities, keeping the group focused and on track towards achieving their objectives. 

Your first planning session will be individual and just with your organisation. This not only sets you up for success but also trains you how to run these sessions yourself. Following this, for subsequent planning sessions you will group sessions to prepare and to validate the priorities you came up with yourself.

Inc. 1 x Quarterly Session with the Head Coach + 1 x Monthly Progress Check-in with Head Coach 

A Content Coach for Fortnightly Coaching Sessions, Group Sessions 

Content is at the heart of the TAYA philosophy, and the group coaching program reflects this by providing access to a TAYA content coach. These fortnightly sessions are designed to dive deep into content strategy, creation, and optimisation.  

The content coach will share best practices, review content plans and pieces, and provide actionable feedback to help participants improve their content marketing efforts. 

Additionally, there will also be fortnightly drop-in office hours where you can share your own individual and unique challenges. 

Inc. 1 x Fortnightly Session with the Content Coach 

A HubSpot/Marketing Automation Coach 

Understanding and effectively using marketing automation tools can significantly enhance your TAYA strategy. The Group Coaching program includes a private session with a seasoned HubSpot and Marketing Automation coach. This coach will help you navigate HubSpot and ensure you’re leveraging it to its full potential true to your business’ unique needs 

Inc. 1 x Private Monthly Session 

Fortnightly ‘Office Hours’ to Bring Any Unique Issues/Questions to Coach (Only Content Coach) 

In addition to the structured coaching sessions, the program offers fortnightly ‘Office Hours.’  

During these sessions, participants can bring any unique issues, challenges, or questions to the content coach.  

This open forum allows for ad-hoc support, ensuring participants receive timely advice and guidance on specific concerns as they arise. 

Inc. 1 x Fortnightly ‘Office Hours’ Session 

How Much Does TAYA Group Coaching Cost? 

Traditional one-on-one TAYA coaching can be a significant investment, reflecting the personalised attention and customised advice provided. You can see the full cost breakdown of typical TAYA Coaching here. Basically, there’s three packages for traditional coaching, ranging from $7,500, to $10,000, and $15,000.  

On the other hand, Group Coaching costs $5,000 per month, half the price of our most common TAYA Package we have available.  

This pricing structure is designed to make the Group TAYA Coaching Program accessible to a wider range of businesses. 

For many businesses, the program’s combination of expert guidance, peer learning, and cost efficiency presents a compelling opportunity to elevate their content marketing strategy in a financially sustainable way. 

Private Coaching vs Group Coaching: Which is Right for Me? 

Choosing between private coaching and group coaching for implementing the ‘They Ask, You Answer’ (TAYA) philosophy is a pivotal decision. Both options offer unique advantages, but understanding the nuances between them can help you decide which path aligns best with your business’s needs and goals. 

Who is Private Coaching Right For? 

Private coaching provides one-on-one support, allowing for a highly personalised approach to implementing TAYA.  

This option is ideal for businesses seeking: 

  • Tailored Guidance: Specific advice and strategies that directly address your unique business challenges and opportunities 
  • Flexibility: Coaching sessions that adapt to your schedule and pace, offering more flexibility in planning and execution 
  • In-depth Focus: The opportunity to dive deep into your business’s specific issues, with undivided attention from your coach on your strategy, content, and analytics 

Private coaching is particularly beneficial for businesses with complex needs, those undergoing significant transitions, or those requiring confidentiality in their strategic planning. 

Who is Group Coaching Right For? 

group of our team members at redpandas having a discussion while sitting on chairs at a table

Group coaching, on the other hand, brings together businesses and professionals facing similar challenges in implementing TAYA.  

This collaborative approach is suited for those who value: 

  • Cost Efficiency: Access to high-quality coaching at a fraction of the cost of private coaching, making it more accessible for small to medium-sized businesses 
  • Peer Learning: The opportunity to learn from the experiences, questions, and insights of other participants, offering a broader perspective on common challenges and solutions 
  • Community Support: Being part of a community of like-minded professionals who can offer support, encouragement, and accountability as you implement TAYA in your business 
  • Getting a Small Taste of TAYA: Group coaching is an excellent choice for businesses who are looking to test the TAYA methodology and dip their toes in the water before making a larger commitment 
  • Businesses with less than $10M in revenue: If your business makes less than $10M in revenue each year, Group Coaching may be a better option for your business, given the cost  

Ultimately, if you want to implement TAYA with the help of a coach but can’t / don’t want to invest in private coaching, then TAYA Group Coaching is the way to go.  

How Does Group Coaching Work? 

You can apply to be considered for Group Coaching here. You will be contacted after filling out the form (within 24-48 hours) and we will gather the required information from you.  

Acceptance into the program is based on several factors, including business type, size, and commitment to the TAYA methodology. This careful selection process ensures a cohesive group that can benefit maximally from shared experiences and challenges. 

Once accepted, participants will join the program and begin when the next cohort starts.  

At this point, you can apply to begin as part of the June 2024 Cohort. In other words, if you signed up now, you would begin in June 2024.  

apply for group coaching here

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