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What Does Content Coaching at RedPandas Look Like? 

Chances are if you’re reading this article then you’re a content manager who has been hired to own the creation, direction, and distribution of all content marketing initiatives across multiple platforms. Or perhaps you’re a business leader having a cheeky browse at what to expect if you invest in the They Ask, You Answer training program. *wink* Either way, a question you likely have is, “Are you just going to be reviewing articles and providing feedback so that I can get my article across the line?”

Chances are if you’re reading this article then you’re a content manager who has been hired to own the creation, direction, and distribution of all content marketing initiatives across multiple platforms. Or perhaps you’re a business leader having a cheeky browse at what to expect if you invest in the They Ask, You Answer training program. Either way, a question you likely have is, “Are you just going to be reviewing articles and providing feedback so that I can get my article across the line?” 

Long answer short, no. 

What we’ve just described is a traditional content editor, and very different to content coaching at RedPandas.  

Yes, regular editing and giving feedback is part of it, but such a small component of what we believe content coaching should look like.  

The best pieces of content we’ve seen:  

  • Answers buyers burning questions 
  • Infuses the authors personality  
  • Read as honest, unbiased and helpful 
  • Are used in the sales process 
  • Produce revenue over and over again 

To be able to truly excel in this space, we work with you to level up, far beyond just writing content. 

Content coaching is not just about writing articles that follow the They Ask, You Answer philosophy. It’s about developing you as a thought leader and an authoritative voice in your company and industry.  

Think of yourself as Neo, and your content coach is Morpheus. You’re Daniel LaRusso, and we’re Mr. Miyagi. You’re Harry Potter, and we’re Dumbledore… ok that’s enough. You get the point.  

In this article, you will learn: 

If you’re unsure about what content coaching with RedPandas looks like, by the end of the article you will have a clear understanding on what it is, and what to expect.  

What is Content Coaching? 

Content coaching can be a single area you engage RedPandas for or it could be part of a They Ask, You Answer (TAYA) training program.

With a TAYA coaching program, a content trainer is just one of the trainers you could get from RedPandas.

Depending on the business requirements, your coaching team could consist of: 

  • Head Coach  
  • Account Manager  
  • Content Trainer  
  • Video Trainer  
  • HubSpot Trainer  
  • Paid Media Trainer  
structure of a TAYA team composition
They Ask You Answer, Coaching Team Composition at RedPandas Digital 

It is worth repeating however, content coaching can be purchased as a standalone. If you only need a content coach, you do not need to pay for other coaches and trainers.

What Problems Does a Content Coach/Trainer Solve?

At RedPandas, we firmly believe content creation is most effectively done in-house.

External content writers are incentivised differently. Their job is to finish an article as soon as possible with as little research as possible. Not hating on external writers. We think this type of service is great for specific types of content.

However, for content that truly moves the needle in buying decisions and to capture the tone of voice that only comes internally, you need an in-house content writer – or as we call them, Content Managers.

The problem we’ve found with in-house content writers however is they often lack the skills to create effective content that not only educates the buyer but moves them through the sales process AND ranks from an SEO perspective.

This is where content coaching comes in. We train and empower them with the skills and strategy to create content that ticks all the boxes and once they have the skills they need, you don’t need us anymore 🙂

What Does a Content Trainer Do?

Your content trainer will work with your in-house Content Manager to create the strategy, the processes and the execution on all your content marketing efforts.

Our goal is to teach you the skills, habits and processes to create and manage revenue driving content on your own. The sooner you can do this all on your own, the better!

More tactically, content coaching looks like: 

  • Regular virtual training: You’ll meet with your trainer as often as every week. These sessions are structured to help your internal team meet your content-related priorities (short term) and move you closer towards owning your content fully in-house (long term) 
  • Personalised content-specific coaching: Although we will be guided by high-level milestones, the journey on how we reach our end goal will be customised to your specific needs 
  • Content review: As you begin to produce sales-focused and They Ask, You Answer content, your coach will guide you towards content that is easy for people to read (UX), good for search engines (SEO), and talks directly to your target persona 
  • Resources: You will gain access to resources we have developed and refined over the years, so you’re not starting from scratch. Editorial calendars, content cover sheets, customer journey mapping and more. In addition, you’ll join the TAYA community with hundreds of content courses and learning materials
screenshot of a coaching session

What should I expect? 

Content coaching is so much more than a specialised program. Here’s what else to expect.  

Radically candid conversations

There are going to be times where we deliver brutally honest feedback that will be hard to hear.  

I can’t recall the number of times I have looked at an introduction, and said to the content manager, “I’m not sure who you wrote this to, I’m not sure you do either. If someone slid this across my desk, I wouldn’t be able to tell who wrote this. And that is a huge problem.”  

But as Michael Corleone said in the godfather, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”


Feedback like this, requires trust.  

With the right mindset, the conversations we have will inevitably develop a strong and trusting relationship built on radical candor. 

Encouraging you to tell your stories 

Forget the academic writing that been drilled into us throughout our lives. *boring*  

Writing should be an inherently vulnerable act. You should be sharing your personal experiences, thoughts and opinions throughout your writing.  

And if you’re not, then we will help you sound more like yourself.  

We will work on breaking through mental barriers so we can level up your voice, level up your authority and level up your storytelling.  

You could say that content coaching is more like content therapy.  

What should I NOT expect? 

That you’re hiring a writer 

Your Content Trainer will never write content for you.  

Imagine you’re assembling a team for a high-stakes heist, like in the show Money Heist. You wouldn’t recruit just any person, would you? You’d want someone who knows the ins and outs of your plan, someone who’s been with you through thick and thin, like Berlin and the Professor.  

Similarly with content, you need a writer who’s in-house, someone who understands the company better than anyone else on the outside could. If you’ve worked with outsourced writers before, you’ve probably struggled with the fact that they “don’t get it”, or that they miss the mark in talking to your audience.  

Your content coach is akin to the mastermind behind the heist, they know how to write to optimise for SEO, the user experience and how to strategically approach every piece of content. What we can’t do, is speak to your exact audience the way you can.  

This is why content coaches will guide you, but never write content for you.  

screenshot of content session between Linda and a client about buyer's map journey
Content coaching session: Mapping content to the buyers journey 

An editor-in-chief 

Your Content Trainer isn’t responsible for reviewing spelling and grammar, fact-checking information or making final decisions about which articles to publish. 

To see growth in traffic, leads and sales, content managers need to fully own the quality and direct of content. This doesn’t mean that your content trainer won’t influence or help lead the way for success, but the final say on your content rests with you. 

That simply attending training sessions means success 

Content coaching isn’t a silver bullet. Between your virtual coaching sessions, you will be tasked with courses to watch, materials to read and work to do.  

Content coaching is intentionally designed to build the skills and processes proven to drive sales growth through content. It is your responsibility to foster a growth mindset, and continuously be learning between our coaching sessions.  

Cost and Duration of a Content Coaching Program

The typical cost of a single track of content coaching is $5,000/month plus a one-time onboarding fee of $10,000.

The duration of a content coaching is typically 12-18 months.

There is no lock in contracts and clients are free to leave the program at any time with one month’s notice.

Why should I be open to content coaching?  

Our coaches have worked with clients across many industries and countries and seen success, but ultimately it comes down to whether you are truly ready to level up, far beyond just writing content.  

Here are some questions you should consider when deciding whether you should be open to content coaching: 

  • Can I directly attribute revenue to content? 
  • Can I learn the fundamentals of content on my own? 
  • Can I make our company the most authoritative voice in our industry? 
  • Can I write content that the sales team actually want to use in the sales process? 
  • Can I produce x3 articles per week whilst also managing the overarching content strategy? 
  • Can I stay up to date with the best practices of digital marketing, SEO and writing tactics?  

Perhaps you can do these things, but it will take you years (and most likely frustration) to get the results you want, if you get them at all.  

The next step for you is to read this blog on how to write articles that rank and generate leads. 

featured image of a blog

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