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How They Ask, You Answer Makes You a More Valued, Higher Paid Marketer

The TAYA program scores your business on its Digital Marketing. Marketers sometimes feel that this sheds a negative light on their own hard-working efforts. However, TAYA actually works to make you a more valued, higher paid marketer, and in this article, we share exactly how.

One of the key features of a TAYA program is scoring your business on its Digital Sales and Marketing using the TAYA Scorecard. Sometimes, a natural response by marketers is a sense that the scorecard is shedding a negative light on their own existing hard-working efforts and strategy.  

However, an initial TAYA score (which will be low when you start) isn’t an attack on a marketing strategy, rather it’s a gauge on where the business currently is and provides instant recommendations on what the organisation can do to support sales and marketing efforts – often of which are championed by marketers.  

In other words, it can help marketing with the ammunition it needs to get more support from the business by shedding light on areas that should be genuinely improved on. 

In this article, we’re going to explore: 

How a TAYA Training & Coaching Program Makes Better Marketers

Great marketers especially want to develop their skills and knowledge. Part of the value for a marketer working somewhere is how much they feel they are growing, learning and adding value for the organisation they work for.  

When working with an agency that externally manages your marketing, internal marketers simply don’t get this value. In fact, sometimes, there is often conflict between internal marketers and the agency you employ. TAYA avoids this and builds better marketers and salespeople. How does TAYA do this? Great question. 

First and foremost, our TAYA program includes training and coaching by subject matter experts with the express objective of you taking and keeping your marketing in-house. The coaches and trainers cover various areas such as SEO, content marketing, video marketing, HubSpot, sales training and even paid media.  

An incredible by-product of our TAYA program we initially underestimated is TAYA training and coaching is the most powerful training and development program a marketing professional could take. 

A second reason is TAYA further brings marketers to the revenue table at an organisation. Another key feature of TAYA is sales and marketing alignment like you’ve never experienced before as well as training on how to build powerful attribution reports that help communicate your impact on the bottom line. 

How TAYA Results in an Increase in the Salary of Marketing Managers 

As referenced above, when your organisation buys a TAYA program from a certified TAYA partner like RedPandas, we train and coach you through an army of subject matter experts including:  

  • TAYA Head Coach 
  • Content Trainer  
  • Video Trainer  
  • HubSpot Trainer  
  • Paid Media Trainer 

Each coach is a specialist in their respective area, meaning that they do this one thing day in, day out. With this sort of specialisation, regardless of your skillset, your skills will skyrocket in these areas.  

As a marketing manager, we have to be across everything, and so we rarely get the opportunity to specialise and focus on one particular skill set area. This is because our job is not to specialise, but to manage our company’s marketing efforts. As such, having access to these coaches is actually an amazing opportunity to grow in a way that marketing managers generally do not have the opportunity to do so.  

We find that when marketing managers really take on board this training, their specialist skills end up increasing, which results in them being even more valuable to their company AND to the marketplace than they were previously. 

Because of this, we find that with TAYA, marketing manager’s actually see an increase in their salary over time because the value they bring to the table also increases respectively.  

How TAYA Coaches Make You Look More Valuable in Front of Leadership 

You might be sitting there, thinking “why would I opt to hire these guys, who are going to tell my CEO all of the things I’m doing wrong and make me look bad?” 

This is a common worry we see from marketing managers, and we get it. It’s always difficult when an external party is coming into an area that you own.  

The thing is, TAYA Coaches and trainers want you to own it. They are there to serve you. They are your supporters, and because of this, they end up making you look better in front of your managers.  

It’s never about ‘Look at what the marketing manager is doing wrong’, but instead is always about ‘Look at all the amazing work the marketing manager is doing for your company! If we help them add our system on top of this, imagine how far THEY can take it for you.’ This is the message we want to deliver to your CEO. You are the hero in the story, and we are your supporters. This is why TAYA is about supporting your role, not getting rid of it! 

In the TAYA program, we come in as an extension of your team, to show your manager all the amazing things you are already doing, and then to add just a little bit extra based on the system we use for success. We set you up as the hero in the story so that the success you generate is appreciated by your manager.  

In this way, TAYA Coaches and trainers make you look better in front of your managers and serve only to boost your career, both in your current company and in future endeavours.  

Why Our Goal is Never to Stick Around 

With the TAYA program, our objective is to eventually make your company self-sufficient. This means that once your company has the knowledge, systems and processes in place, your team should never need an external agency to aid with marketing again. 

We truly believe in marketing done by you services, which is why our goal is never to stick around and our programs are finite I.e. are 12-24 months based on the support your business needs. 

So, what’s next?

If you’re already booked in for a call with one of our TAYA experts, we recommend learning about everything you need to know about TAYA before hopping on that call.  

If you’re not already booked in for a call, we recommend learning about the difference between marketing done for you vs marketing done by you, and how you can leverage this within your company for success, whether you’re a marketing manager or upper leadership. 

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