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Are you sick of having to waste your time jumping through loops and hoops JUST to get a single quote from a marketing agency? Or being forced onto a discovery call just to get a quote?  Well, let’s remove that frustration.

In this article, we’re going to delve into each of our core services:  

For each service, we will outline:  

  • What’s included in the offering 
  • Cost breakdown of the service 

Before we delve into the detail, just to give you a quick idea, our lowest ongoing package is $5,000/month + GST and our highest priced services is $15,000 /month + GST. 

Done for You Full-Service Retainers 

Our Done For You services as custom for each client and therefore actual inclusions may differ for your business. The below is good guide in terms of packages and pricing:

Our three most common Done for You digital marketing retainer packages. 

Note: All digital marketing retainers are subject to a $5,000+GST setup and onboarding fee. This amongst other components, covers auditing and setting up of new conversion tracking for reporting.

What’s Included in Full Service Retainers? 

Our Done for You Full-Service Retainers (DFY) refers to marketing services done for you by us on a monthly retainer basis. We approach marketing by utilising all of the tools at our disposal to help you achieve growth.  

Our process involves running a strategic workshop with your team in order to identify the goals, barriers and challenges, and direction for growth that is best suited for your team. Based on this workshop, we build a personalised roadmap which details everything we plan on executing in a specified timeline. Following this, we then officially execute the roadmap, step by step.  

Excel spreadsheet showing roadmap plan
No two roadmaps are the same however we use the same strategic approach for all our clients 

Our offering can include any combination of the following depending on the context of our customer and the package chosen:  

  • Quarterly content marketing plan 
  • Quality articles written per month 
  • Long form purchase stage articles per month 
  • SEO & link building 
  • Paid media management & media buying 
  • Social media management 
  • Videos & video training for your internal teams 
  • Monthly Facebook & Instagram campaigns to promote content 
  • Detailed performance report / lead acquisition report in Google Data Studio 
  • Monthly email newsletter 
  • Quarterly lead funnel generation campaign 
  • HubSpot /  marketing automation management 
  • Design and development support (four-hour banks) 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and onsite lead optimisation 

Even though all of our retainer packages are highly customised, clients do want to see some indication of what their inclusions would be. So, for this reason, below are examples of what our retainers may include across our three different packages (Professional Media Buying, Growth, Accelerated).

Paid Media Only Retainer Pricing

Our paid media only packages are simple to understand and are largely based on your media budget. For paid media only retainers, the minimum media spend we tend to work with (i.e. what you pay to Google/Meta/TikTok etc) is $10,000/month.

Done By You Training & Coaching 

RedPandas TAYA Coaching Packages. Click here for a detailed TAYA pricing breakdown

What’s Included in this Offering? 

While full-service marketing retainers are the common trend across agencies and is something we offer, we believe that there is a better approach to create growth in your business. This is where Done By You Coaching & Training comes into play.  

Our Done By You service involves providing you with a coach, whom you will work with in 90-day cycles to:  

  • Drive specific outcomes in your business. We measure you on a scorecard and progress you toward 100 
  • Drive more inbound leads that close at a higher percentage 
  • Align your leadership, sales and marketing teams 
  • Build processes, behaviours and habits to help you execute 
  • Train your salespeople to be more effective and data driven 
  • Decide what training makes sense for you in what areas 

Our training and coaching focuses on helping teams build core competencies in four key areas: 

  • Producing content marketing that generates revenue 
  • Filming videos that shorten the sales cycle 
  • Reporting & ROI Measurement using HubSpot 
  • Integrating content into your sales process 

We offer three packages: 

  • Fast: completed over a period of 24 months 
  • Faster: completed over a period of 18 months 
  • Fastest: completed over a period of 12 months 

The faster the program, the more core competencies you work on at one time.  

Cost Breakdown of the Service 

The pricing for our three packages are as follows (excluding GST): 

  • Fast: $7,500 per month  
  • Faster: $10,000 per month  
  • Fastest: $15,000 per month 

Visit our The Cost of a They Ask, You Answer Partner page for a more detailed breakdown of costs.

HubSpot Projects 

What’s included in the offering and cost breakdown? 

Our HubSpot projects are probably our most complex in terms of the offering and the specifics included.  

Basically, we have four HubSpot offerings (excluding GST):  

  • HubSpot Onboarding Fundamentals – $4,500 
  • HubSpot Onboarding Advanced –$9,750
  • HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise -$20,500 
  • HubSpot Optimisations – $10,500 
  • HubSpot 10 Hour Support Blocks – $3,500 

Let’s delve into what each offer includes in more detail. 

HubSpot Onboarding Basic ($4,500), HubSpot Onboarding Advanced ($9,750) & HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise ($20,500) 

These packages are for you if your team aren’t currently setup on HubSpot and want assistance setting up correctly and efficiently on the software.  

Our HubSpot Onboarding packages aim to deliver the same outcomes. The difference is that in the Onboarding Fundamentals Package, your team does the work and setup, and we coach and guide you, whereas in the Onboarding Advanced & Enterprise packages, we do the work and setup for you as well as guide and train you for future use of HubSpot.  

Excel spreadsheet showing the main difference between the onboarding packages
This image demonstrates the core difference between the packages. While the implementation is the same in both cases, the difference is in who completes the implementation.  

There are six core execution items involved in our HubSpot Onboarding Packages: 

6 step process for HubSpot projects

Of important note is our week one discovery workshop, where we understand your goals, your business, your goals, what success looks like, and how your sales and marketing process works. Below you can see a snippet of our agenda for a discovery workshop.  

Example of our discovery workshop document
Our Discovery Workshop is actually quite a complex process which we’ve developed over hundreds of projects to ensure a successful HubSpot Onboarding for our clients.  

Following the Workshop Week, we then focus on implementing the HubSpot Portal setup, which spans over the course of the rest of the onboarding. In the Onboarding Advanced & Enterprise packages, we do the implementation for you, and in the Onboarding Fundamentals package, we coach you to do the implementation yourself. In the Onboarding Advanced & Enterprises package, we’ll also coach you along the way so that you can move forward without us once you’re setup.  

The implementation process usually involves the following execution items:  

  • HubSpot Technical Items:
    • Connect sub domain for landing pages and emails 
    • Connect email sending domain 
    • Upload logo and favicon 
    • Configure all portal settings 
    • Install HubSpot tracking on website 
    • Filter IP Addresses 
    • Add relevant paid tracking pixels: Facebook, Google, Bing 
    • Add Google Analytics ID into HubSpot portal 
    • Add Google Tag Manager into HubSpot portal
  • HubSpot Tools:
    • Find / create a newsletter template 
    • Connect social accounts to HubSpot 
    • Forms for the website to be created in HubSpot and replace on website 
    • Confirm the different email types we will be sending 
    • Set-up auto responder contact workflows when lead completes a form 
    • Set-up internal system workflows of movement of lead status 
    • Lead status definition and mapping to lifecycle stages 
    • Implement live / ‘lag’ chat 
  • Contacts:
    • Set-up clean up list of contacts 
    • Create standard contact lists: new leads, new leads in 24 hours, dying leads 
  • Sales Enablement:
    • Sales enablement meeting 
    • Understand pipeline, identify and map deal stages 
    • Provide workshop/training on how to use HubSpot for sales 
    • Implement the approved suggestions from the sales enablement findings 
    • In-depth consulting on how reps spend their day 
    • Automating core rep and process tasks using Workflows 
    • Creation of playbooks for sales team 
    • Creation of sales content for sales team 
    • Outsourced sales development 
  • Integrations:
    • Setting up all required integrations (i.e. Eventbrite, MessageMedia, etc).  

It is important to note that we do not do any custom coding, custom integrations, or enterprise level data migration as part of these two packages. Large scale data migration incurs additional fees and is charged on an hourly basis of $250 per hour on top of the package price. This is because large scale data migration requires much greater time than typical data migration.  

The only difference between the Advanced and Enterprise packages are the HubSpot Subscription level your company is using. If you’re using the Enterprise package OR if you’re moving from Salesforce to HubSpot, then the Enterprise Package is best for your team, otherwise the Advanced is the way to go.  

To sum up, we have the HubSpot Onboarding packages (Fundamentals, Advanced and Enterprise), all of which help you get set up on HubSpot. In the HubSpot Onboarding Fundamentals package, your team will be implementing all of the above under our coaching and guidance, however, in the HubSpot Onboarding Advanced and Enterprise packages we do all of the above implementation for you as well as coaching so that you can be confident moving forward without us. The HubSpot Enterprise package helps you get setup specifically when you’re using the HubSpot Enterprise Subscription or when you’re moving from Salesforce to HubSpot. 

HubSpot Optimisations ($10,500) 

This package is perfect for you if your team is already setup on HubSpot and you’re looking to optimise, clean up and perfect your team’s HubSpot experience.  

All of the execution items included in this package are the same as those included in the HubSpot Onboarding packages. You might be thinking, if the execution items are the same, how do we justify charging more for this package than the Onboarding packages? 

When we’re setting up a HubSpot portal from scratch, while there is a lot of work involved, but we can set everything up as best practice. That means there’s no clean up, no deciphering of existing complications, workflows, setup items etc – we can follow our systems and best practice processes without running into any issues.  

When we’re working in an already existing HubSpot portal, we have to first audit the portal, which is where we understand how the portal has been set up, which takes considerable time in and of itself. We then have to be conscious of the current setup when we’re implementing our execution items. This slows down the implementation process considerably, hence the increased time commitment for HubSpot Optimisations.  

To sum up, HubSpot Optimisations is a package for teams who are already setup on HubSpot but who would like to optimise and improve their experience. We follow the same process as our HubSpot Onboarding packages without the coaching, but we spend far more time on this package due to the nature of it.  

HubSpot 10 Hour Support Blocks ($3,500) 

This service can only be requested by existing clients who have already been through either one of our HubSpot Onboarding or Optimisation packages. The reason for this is that we know that if we spend 10 hours optimising a HubSpot portal which has never gone through the proper setup phase, we won’t be doing justice to our customers or our HubSpot specialists.   

Our 10-hour support blocks are only valuable once HubSpot has already been set up correctly. On rare occasions and on special request, we may be able to offer 10-hour support blocks to customers who have not taken an Onboarding or Optimisation package from us. 

Support blocks are paid upfront and must be used within a 3-month period.

How Does RedPandas Onboarding Compare to Purchasing Onboarding Direct through HubSpot?  

HubSpot actually has an Onboarding package ($4,320) which is comparable to our Onboarding Basic package ($4,500). While HubSpot’s package is slightly cheaper than our own, our experience in using HubSpot is actually significantly more hands-on than HubSpot’s because we work on more client portals, more deeply and more often.  

HubSpot’’s onboarding specialists don’t actually execute any work in client portals, they only guide them, whereas we do. This makes onboarding through a partner like RedPandas far more advanced than buying through HubSpot. 

Don’t get us wrong. You still get a quality onboarding with HubSpot, you just get more support with an experience HubSpot agency like us. HubSpot is mainly a software provider and each HubSpot implementation specialist deals with 30-40 accounts at a time. Even HubSpot will refer clients that require more support to a HubSpot agency like RedPandas which allows both HubSpot and the agency to focus on what they each do best. 

Custom API Integrations 

What’s Included and what is the cost breakdown? 

These vary greatly depending on the business and the technical requirements. This is something that would have to be a case by case basis because it is so unique and case-dependent.  

What we can say, however, is that a Custom HubSpot API Integration starts from around $10,500 + GST. 

If you still want something more specific, you can check out an example of this Custom API integration that we built

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