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table with a book that says 'goals' and has three spaces for three different goals

January 31, 2024 / All, Blog - 7 minutes

How to Create Goals in HubSpot (& Why You Even Need To) 

Have you ever felt like you’re navigating through a maze when it comes to tracking your team’s progress and performance? You’re not alone. Goal setting is pivotal in any business to maintain accountability, but it can often feel overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with a comprehensive tool like HubSpot. The good news? HubSpot Goals helps you do just this.

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How To Manage a Videographer — If You Don't Have Video Experience

January 26, 2024 / All, Blog - 6 minutes

How To Manage a Videographer — If You Don’t Have Video Experience 

With 54% of consumers expressing a preference for brand-related video content, and an anticipated 80% surge in internet traffic from video by 2024, the trajectory is clear – video is the language of the future. However, as you embark on this journey, a crucial question looms: How do you manage a videographer effectively, especially if you lack direct video experience? The success of your entire video initiative hinges on the answer.

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Marketing Coach vs Agency Why You Need a Coach for Real Success

January 24, 2024 / All, Blog - 5 minutes

Marketing Coach vs Agency: Why You Need a Coach for Real Success 

You might assume that hiring a marketing agency is the express route to success. Handshakes are exchanged, checks are signed, passwords shared, and then the wait begins for the transformative results. However, as many have discovered, this road can often be fraught with unexpected hurdles, turns, and sometimes, it leads to a dead end. So, what’s a better alternative? 

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Best AI Image Generators in 2024

January 22, 2024 / All, Blog - 4 minutes

Best AI Image Generators in 2024 

Managing your digital presence costs time and resources. In particular, creating or sourcing images is one thing you’ll have to do. Whether you’re posting on social media, writing blog articles, or building an email newsletter campaign, images are essential. One way to save time and resources on image generation is to use AI Image Generation software.

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