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In this short video, our head of HubSpot Implementation Tasha gives us a virtual demo of the HubSpot Service Hub and its key features.

What are the Hubs of HubSpot?

HubSpot has 4 key products which they commonly refer to as Hubs. These are;

  1. Marketing Hub
  2. Sales Hub & CRM
  3. Service Hub
  4. CMS Hub

Each of these hubs has unique features and the best part is they are all connected by the same CRM/database. Meaning all of your marketing, sales, services or website edits can be stored in one place, or a wholistic single customer view.

Check out these pages to learn more about Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and CRM Hub.

What does HubSpot Service Hub include?

Service hub, in short, is an easy to use, customer service software package. With service hub you can create support tickets, use feedback and survey tools, internally route and project manage customer queries, build a knowledge base and manage all your conversations with a customer with a single customer view.

  • HubSpot CRM features
  • Ticketing
  • Live Chat & Conversational bots
  • Conversations inbox
  • Calling
  • Canned snippets and templates
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Tickets reporting
  • Rep productivity reporting
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Knowledge-base
  • NPS Surveys
  • Customer experience and support surveys
  • Insights dashboard
  • Ticket status, ticket routing and task automation

Conversational Bots

Firstly conversations allow you to manage 1-to-1 customers communications at scale through a universal, collaborative, inbox. The inbox aggregates customer emails, live chat from your website and even Facebook messenger in a centralised place. Here you can create a ticket, create a task or assign the conversation to a team member. This is a fantastic feature for service teams to help ensure queries never fall through the cracks again.

conversations an dlive chat


Ticketing in HubSpot Service Hub

If you wanted to see all the tickets at a glance, you can see ticket stages which look very similar to deal stages in HubSpot Sales if you’re familiar with that side of HubSpot. Here you can set up multiple pipelines and set up different stages to make this your own process. From here you can jump into individual tickets and see all the correspondence for a particular ticket.


Knowledge Base in HubSpot Service Hub

It’s great to action issues and queries but often you’ll find the team is answering and responding to the same type of questions again and again. That’s where a knowledge base is powerful. HubSpot makes it very easy to set up categories, subcategories in a very intuitive, easy to use UI. The search functionality is fantastic and automatically searches all knowledgebase articles and presents the most relevant results for the user.


Like with everything HubSpot, you get great insights and reporting with a knowledge base as well to see what is being looked at the most. Now the really cool thing with Service Hub is the knowledge can be linked to a HubSpot bot so the bot can serve up an article from the knowledge base and if the query still isn’t answered, can automatically create a service ticket.

Service Hub Feedback Tool

Here you can set up customer support, satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys. Like all HubSpot’s creation tools, everything is WYSIWIG, what you see is what you get. Here is an example of a customer loyalty NPS survey you can set up, edit and connect to an automated workflow. Then survey tool reporting out of the box is also great and the visualisation makes it easy to garner insights from your customers.



Reporting & Dashboards in HubSpot Service Hub

On the note of reporting I want to end on the customer Service dashboard which is fantastic for both service team members and management to see at a glance the status of tickets, response times, knowledge base article views, pretty much all the reports you’d want from a customer service perspective



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