062: Tackling Marketing's Biggest Questions: Is Blogging, SEO & Cold Calling Really Dead? | RedPandas Digital

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What do you get when you put three Digital Marketing veterans in a room together to question marketing’s biggest myths? You’re about to find out!

For episode 62, we’re proud to do our first ever crossover episode with the clever guys from the HubShots podcast Ian Jacob  and Craig Bailey.

Listen to the audio version above or watch the video version below

We discuss and dissect the humble ‘ol blog. Some experts are calling it dead. Everyone’s got one and most aren’t very compelling. Should you kill it and if you do, what do you do instead?

We also give our expert tips on SEO. Is it alive and kicking? What does the modern day SEO toolkit in 2017 look like? Also a controversial one: cold calling.. Is it really dead? If it is why are soo many people still doing it? I’ll give you a hint it’s not, but the way you do it in 2017 is very different and advanced indeed.

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