017: Syed Balkhi from OptinMonster on Lead Generation, CRO and 'Dirty' Pop-ups | RedPandas Digital

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In this episode I interview Syed Balkhi, founder of OptinMonster where he talks about generating quality Leads, Conversion Rate Optimisation, ‘dirty’ pop-ups and what drives him to success.

A big focus of the interview is on OptinMonster, an all-in-one onsite lead generation tool – optinmonster.com/. OptinMonster started as a wordpress plugin years ago but now works on any website with just a few small steps.

Syed is a true online entrepreneur and has been featured in Forbes, Wired, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc and countless other main stream media sites.

Syed’s story is also a very inspirational one. Syed arrived in the US as a 12 year old immigrant. Fast forward to today, Syed is the proud founder of a number of seven-figure online businesses – all at the age of 25. I also chat to Syed about his motivations and what drives him.

awesomemotive.com/ (where you’ll find links to some of Syed’s projects)
Syed’s personal blog: syedbalkhi.com/

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