How To Use Zoom Conferencing | Free Zoom Guide | Updated April 2020

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In these unprecedented times, it is the new norm to be dialling into several Zoom calls a day. As opposed to picking up your phone and dialling a number, we are clicking links, sharing screens and turning our cameras on to work remotely and keep productivity up.

What we have seen more and more of in recent days are our clients and communities needing to educate their teams and customers on how to use Zoom Conferencing calls and how to use it properly. As well as plain old etiquette for virtual calling.

Check out this handy visual, step-by-step guide we have created. This guide will give you answers on:

  1. How to attend a Zoom meeting on your mobile?
  2. How to attend a Zoom meeting on a desktop?
  3. How to create a Zoom meeting on mobile?
  4. How to create a Zoom meeting on a desktop?
  5. Virtual calling etiquette tips (from a seasoned Zoomer)


Happy Zooming!


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