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In this video our HubSpot Expert and HubSpot Accredited Trainer Tasha Dal Bianco discuss the biggest confirmed changes to the HubSpot platform.

HubSpot’s annual conference Inbound 2020 recently wrapped up and as always, a bunch of announcements were made. From custom objects to AI powered sales automation to even more powerful reporting features, HubSpot didn’t disappoint. In this video I’ll give you a breakdown of those announcements plus a whole lot more, stick around.

HubSpot of course has a range of powerful sales and marketing tools and both areas had some exciting updates in 2020. Let’s dive into the one that had the biggest impact for both, custom objects.

Available for HubSpot Marketing and Sales Enterprise users, having custom objects gives you the ability to store custom data in the CRM. This means you can now go beyond storing just contact, company and deal data and can now store custom objects like families if you’re a childcare centre or government projects if you work in civil construction – just to name a few examples. The best thing is that custom objects can be used just like we use contact, deal or company objects. So we can use them in segmentation, workflows and reporting – making HubSpot a truly CRM centred hub for sales and marketing teams alike.

Next up AI powered sales automation, HubSpot have introduced a few new subtle AI improvements to help sales reps collect data and save time. One of these improvements is the ability of the to scan prospects email signature and pull relevant contact information like number, title, company, and more into the CRM.

Then we have the newly released HubSpot keyboard for mobile. If you have used any other type of third party keyboard on your ios or android device, this HubSpot keyboard is a very similar functionality. The HubSpot keyboard allows the user to insert information from the CRM any place you can type text. So for example, if you want to use a HubSpot snippet, template or meeting link inside WhatsApp, Gmail, LinkedIn or Facebook messenger you can do this by using the HubSpot keyboard feature.

And the last sales hub update we’re featuring is, the sales analytics tools. There have been a release of over 20 new sales reports, to help sales teams and reps better manage and report on the effectiveness of sales activities and performance. Some of these reports include:

  • Funnel reports
  • Deal pipeline waterfall reports
  • Deal change history report

On the marketing side, there is now a new email marketing health tool. Your email health matters as you want those awesome emails you’ve spent time creating and finessing to actually land in inboxes right? Well, this tool is a great way to gauge if your account is successful with email deliverability and how inbox providers view your email. The email health tool will consider all of your emails open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates and bounce rates then give you an overall score and target to work towards.

Next up there has been some big workflow and automation improvements. Not to go too into depth but building and maintaining complex workflows in HubSpot is getting even easier. For instance in the past you could only do yes or no for IF/Then branches which created really long workflows. You can now keep things much cleaner with multiple options based on one IF/Then branch. This will be music to the ears of some of our more hands on viewers. There’s also a bunch of other new features like delaying until event occurrences and time zone settings.

And lastly let’s talk about the all new custom reports builder and flexible dashboards. With even more of your businesses data now available in HubSpot due to updates like custom objects it only makes sense to be able to report on it easily. The custom reports builder is available to all professional and enterprise users, and gives you access to all of your HubSpot data in one place in an easy to use drag and drop user experience. This feature is in beta and you’ll have to stay tuned to learn more as it evolves.

And that’s it, my featured post-Inbound HubSpot updates recap. If you found this useful, or think someone else will benefit, please share around. And if you have any questions just reach out or visit us at



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