Remington Begg's Chatbot Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know about Conversational Marketing | Episode 96 | RedPandas Digital

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Remington Begg is no stranger when it comes to all things Conversational Marketing and chatbots. He is regular contributor in the space with arguably the most impressive stream of chatbot tutorials and resources. In this episode we chat with Remington from Impulse Creative for a true masterclass on chatbot and conversational marketing.

Remington discusses the pro’s and con’s of using Facebook bots, the opportunity with HubSpot’s Bots and Drift. He also shares actual examples and workflows, one that saw a 22% increase in landing page conversions simply by deploying a chat bot.

View the video version of the interview here:

Remington discusses in detail:

  •  What is conversational marketing?
  • What is the problem conversational marketing solves that current forms of marketing can’t?
  • How has Impulse Creative been able to otain a 22% increase in conversions on a landing page using chatbots?
  • Facebook Messenger bots vs onsite chatbots for your website
  • Remington’s favourite players in the chatbot scene
  • Drift as a chatbot tool
  • Where should you start with a chatbot?

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