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Lead Generation Focused Paid Media Retainer

Lead generation focused paid media campaigns targeted at every stage of the buyer’s funnel

Small – Medium Business
Medium – Large Business
Large Enterprise Business
Media budgets less than $15K/month
Small Medium
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Monthly Reports
  • Social: IG, TikTok & FB
  • Monthly Reports

typical pricing per month
+$5,000 Onboarding Fee

Media budgets $15k-$99k/month
  • Everything in Small-Medium Business
  • Content Ads e.g. Taboola!

Performance fee:

  • Base fee: $5,000/month
  • 12% of ad spend up to $29k
  • 10% of ad spend from $30k-$64k
  • 8% of ad spend from $65k-$99k
Base management fee
plus performance fee based on budget

+$5,000 Onboarding Fee

Media budgets of $100k+/month
  • Everything in Small-Medium Business
  • Enterprise grade programmatic

Performance fee:

The performance fee for ad spend over $100,000 is based on several factors and the complexities of your account. These fees will be agreed upon before our work commences.


+$5,000 Onboarding Fee

Video creative

All creative direction and copywriting is included in all packages, if you require our video services we are able to support you with additional creative.

Landing Pages

Depending on the package you obtain and the software you have, landing page creation will be included. If you require additional or more complex landing pages, we can design and develop these for you too.


Using the same provider for SEO and Paid Media means your partner can tweak the levers of which campaigns to focus on in paid and which themes to focus on in SEO.

“Working with Red Pandas has been a game-changer for our business. They have taken the headache out of managing the cost-intensive exercise of paid media, allowing us to focus on what we do best—growing our business. Since partnering with them, we have seen a significant reduction in our cost per conversion, setting the foundation for exponential growth. Red Pandas have become one of our most trusted advisors.”

Pranil Chandra
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What’s a performance fee?

A performance fee is the billing component based on your actual ad spend per month. Let’s say you have an ad budget of $100,000 per month and you decide to pull back on one campaign. In the end, you may have only spent $75,000. Rather than billing you for the time and resources it would have taken to manage your $100,000 campaign, we will adjust the performance fee for what you actually spent and thus the effort our team put in. This safeguards you against unnecessarily spending too much and safeguards us against potentially not being compensated for the effort we put in.

What’s the minimum budget RedPandas works with?

Typically, for paid media only retainers, we find clients we are able to able to help clients with a minimum media spend (paid directly to Meta, Google, TikTok etc) of $10,000 AUD.

What are the maximum budgets RedPandas can work with?

Some of our biggest clients spent between $150K-$200K per month.