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In addition to being a Diamond partner, RedPandas is a customer of HubSpot in APAC contracted to onboard new clients sold by HubSpot.

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Hubspot Onboarding Fundamentals
HubSpot Onboarding Advanced
HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise
HubSpot Onboarding Fundamentals
Guidance & Coaching
(you do the work):
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Technical setup
  • Workflows Sequences
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • HubSpot Tools
  • Sales Tools
  • Training
Suitable for new HubSpot Starter & Pro Suites
HubSpot Onboarding Advanced
Execution & Training
(we do the work):
  • All items in Fundamentals
  • Data migration
  • Setup Training
  • Documentation
  • 1x sales training
  • 1x marketing training
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • 2 x reporting dashboards
Suitable for new HubSpot Pro Suites (for one Hub only)
HubSpot Onboarding Enterprise
Guidance & Coaching
(we do the work):
  • All items in Advanced
  • Custom Objects
  • Salesforce sync
  • Adaptive testing
  • Event triggers
  • Lead Scoring
  • Vidyard training
  • Additional training
  • And more…
Suitable for new HubSpot Enterprise
HubSpot Integration Cost

These vary greatly depending on the business and the technical requirements and needs to be a case-by-case basis quote. However, what we can say is that custom HubSpot Integrations start at $10,500 + GST.

What’s included in
HubSpot & Integrations?
Sales focused customer journeys

The objective is to map the ideal online customer journey sales must take your customers through including 1:1 videos, follow-up rules, proposal templates and more.

Workflow management

RedPandas is experienced in building both system workflows (workflows that maintain data, work with integrations) and external workflows that involve customer content

Lead scoring & forecasting

Prioritise who sales speaks to. Not everyone in your database is worth the same. Separate the gold from the dirt with lead scoring based on data.

Reporting that drives decisions

Leading indicators (sales activity, pages visited) are arguably more important than Lagging indicators (pure sales numbers). We help setup reports for leadership as well as individual salespeople so everyone knows if you’re winning.

“When we signed up for HubSpot, I was skeptical of the cost of the training, but in retrospect the training was invaluable. RedPandas are extremely knowledgeable not only about HubSpot but also about business procedures and have a clear and concise way of getting information across. We thoroughly enjoyed the training and gained unbelievable insight into HubSpot and other business processes.”

Daniel Gochin

How is RedPandas different to other agencies?

HubSpot is a client of RedPandas. Yes, you read that right. HubSpot pays RedPandas to execute work for its clients. We specialise in portals and clients that have defined customer journeys and sales teams and we do this well.

Do you offer hourly billing

RedPandas do offer 10-hour support blocks but these are only offered to clients who have already been through either one of our HubSpot Onboarding or Optimisation packages. The reason for this is that we know that if we spend 10 hours optimising a HubSpot portal which has never gone through the proper setup phase, we won’t be doing justice to our customers or our HubSpot specialists.   

How Does RedPandas Onboarding Compare to Purchasing Onboarding Direct through HubSpot?

HubSpot’s onboarding specialists don’t actually execute any work in client portals, they only guide them, whereas we do. This makes onboarding through a partner like RedPandas far more advanced than buying through HubSpot.

You still get a quality onboarding with HubSpot, you just get more support with an experience HubSpot agency like us. HubSpot is mainly a software provider and each HubSpot implementation specialist deals with 30-40 accounts at a time. Even HubSpot will refer clients that require more support to a HubSpot agency like RedPandas which allows both HubSpot and the agency to focus on what they each do best.

What do I get in a HubSpot Onboarding?

Depending on your package, RedPandas will either guide/coach you on what needs to be done or do the work completely for you. In either case, our job is to train you to ensure our job is redundant by the end of our project and you don’t need an agency to do any of the basics ever again.

For a detailed breakdown for everything you get in HubSpot Onboarding, check out this page.

What do I get in a HubSpot Optimisation? How is this different to Onboarding?

This package is perfect for you if your team is already setup on HubSpot and you’re looking to optimise, clean up and perfect your team’s HubSpot experience.

All of the execution items included in this package are the same as those included in the HubSpot Onboarding packages.

Why do HubSpot Optimisations cost more?

When we’re setting up a HubSpot portal from scratch, while there is a lot of work involved, but we can set everything up as best practice. That means there’s no clean up, no deciphering of existing complications, workflows, setup items etc – we can follow our systems and best practice processes without running into any issues.

When we’re working in an already existing HubSpot portal, we have to first audit the portal, which is where we understand how the portal has been set up, which takes considerable time in and of itself. We then have to be conscious of the current setup when we’re implementing our execution items. This slows down the implementation process considerably, hence the increased time commitment for HubSpot Optimisations.

Which industries do you specialise in?

Industries that have considered customer journeys. This includes B2B and any B2C where a customer journey can be defined. This includes B2C industries like education, home services, solar and more.

Who are some of your clients?

Our clients includes Bupa, Nutrimetics and HubSpot. We are not limited to enterprise work however and most of our clients are medium to large businesses.