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Happy New Year! Welcome to episode 101 and our first for the 2019 season 🙂

In this episode we share the OKR framework Google uses for objective setting and tips on how you can implement it to. Plus the latest news on Facebook Subscription Messaging (aka chat blasts) and how you can get started yourself.

Buzz 1: How to Set Marketing Objectives This Year Like Google

Here is a summary diagram by perdoo demonstrating how OKRs fit into the greater, strategic scheme of things:

Your Objectives will be:

  • High-level, unambiguous milestones
  • Together, they achieve or significantly advance your mission
  • Ambitious and feel a tad uncomfortable
  • Cap them at 5-6 per year

Your Key Results will be:

  • Numeric or binary (numeric e.g. Improve sales by 80%, binary e.g. Open a new location in South America)
  • Will have a designated time period: should be a quarter although this can depend on your business
  • Graded between 0.6 – 0.7. E.g. If the KR is 100 new customers but the team is able to sell to 80 new customers, then it can be said that it has achieved a 0.8, or 80% of its target
  • Need to be revisited if your consistently hitting a range of 1.0 or more (you need to set higher goals)

Read our full blog post on OKRs for more information.

Buzz 2: Facebook Messenger Broadcast Update

Download Mobile Monkey’s free Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging Cheat Sheet via the messenger:

Recent client results from a chat blast we did for a client via MobileMonkey:

Other handy links:



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