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People just don’t have the time and patience for things they once did. That’s why inbound marketing is changing, that’s why paid media is rising in importance again, strategic outbound is back and eBook as dying.

Enter the idea of snackable video content. Snackable content is that it is low-friction, short and very easy to consume, a good way to look at it is can you make it short enough for someone to consume whilst say having a quick snack whilst of course making it valuable.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know you need to be doing more video. Video has experienced a tremendous growth and it’s one to the best ways to create trust and affinity with you target audience. Not to mention the incredible low-cost opportunity of video advertising.

But here’s the thing, video can be a pain to create, it takes time to create the strategy, film, edit and then promote. Not to mention, in general attention spans of people is falling dramatically.

Here’s where ‘snackable’ content is great. Because it’s short and bite sized, it’s soo much more easier to create. You don’t need to prepare long scripts, multiple camera angles, pay for expensive editing.

It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in soo many places.

Here’s a step by step process on how you should create snackable video content series. And I say series because the output you want is 6-8 videos you can distribute and promote.

1. Firstly find a central theme you could create a snackable video content around. If you’re offer building and construction qualifications it could be around building and construction career acceleration

2. Then break that topic, for example ‘building and construction career acceleration’ into a series of 6-8 subtopics. If you can, mimic the actual questions your personas ask all the time. So I could take this one topic, have my target persona in mind, say an entry level building and construction candidate and come up with 6 sub topics:

  • The different types of entry level B&C qualifications
  • What sub fields in B&C have the most demand?
  • How to use RPL to get qualified faster?
  • 3 Key things you should ask your employer before accepting an apprenticeship
  • I’m not a book person, how to get qualified with minimal in class study?
  • How and when to look for a job?

3. Each of these of course is a video in it’s own right. Now I personally hate the word best practice, I believe more in test practice because every industry is different but the aim is to keep these videos short. Having said that if you have a couple that a 2 mins or less and a couple that are 6 mins that is fine as long as the content is not waffly.

4. The distribution is the fun part and you have so many opportunities here. Think of your owned assets first:

  • Website and key pages e.g. quote page, FAQ page, contact page etc.
  • Adding screenshots of the video with a link to the video in email
  • Give them to your sales reps so they have them on hand when people ask the relevant questions
  • Native social media profiles, facebook, linkedin, youtube, instagram and snapchat
  • Then think paid

YouTube ads are incredibly powerful. A quick tip is look out for ‘customer intent audiences’ it’s a new feature by Google that lets you target people in the market to buy your particular product or service!

Don’t forget you can take those videos and turn them into SEO rich blog articles as well. This project should take you 3-4 weeks to do comfortably and the beauty is you should have enough content to last you at least 3-6 months if you do it properly.



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