Rise of Chatbots, Messenger Bots & HubSpot Conversations | Episode 94 | RedPandas Digital

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Chat bots, Facebook bots, messenger bots, what’s it all mean and why should marketers care? Elissa Hudson, ANZ Marketing Manager @ HubSpot talks all things chat bots as well as a quick insight into HubSpot’s new Conversations tool now live and available for free!

View the video version of the interview here:

Elissa talks about:

  • Differences between Facebook bots, chatbots, messenger bots
  • Best practices on how to use messenger as a live chat replacement on your website
  • Replacing the need for an app for messenger
  • How to get started with chatbot marketing, where to start
  • Sending visitors to Messenger as opposed to Facebook ads
  • HubSpot Conversations and bot building! Linking into CRM
  • Should you be concerned about Facebook’s decline and will this affect Facebook Messenger?

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