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Facebook advertising in 2018 isn’t like it was even a year a go. Cost per clicks are rising fast, the market is becoming ultra competitive and consumer negative sentiment towards sales-y ads is increasing.

In this episode we chat with Massimo Chieruzzi, Facebook marketing expert and mastermind behind the most powerful Facebook Ads toolset, Adespresso. Massimo shares best practice tips, processes and absolute dynamite that will help you get more sales and leads from Facebook Advertising.

This episode is JAM PACKED!

We chat to Massimo about:

  • Where to start when it comes to  a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign?
  • Facebook ad CPCs are getting rising, what are some strategies people should be looking at curbing costs and maximising leads/customers?
  • Facebook Ads funnel
  • Relationship between video and Facebook ads.
  •  What is Adespresso? Why is it more powerful than Facebook Ads Manager or Power editor?
  • Best practice tips on  using Adespresso day to day
  • Adespresso as an AdWords tool
  • “Cost per pixel, cost per cookie” Facebook hack
  • Massimo has run a number of successful businesses, how does he evaluate an idea for market success?
  • What is Massmio’s biggest contributor to his success?

Check out the video version of the episode here:

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