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Fresh off presenting at Sydney HubSpot User Group, Moby takes us through a masterclass on video marketing at every stage of the buyer’s journey, the 3 types of videos you must start with and a sample funnel you can create utilising video as well as other distribution tips.

Replays of Sydney HUG Sessions

Moby’s Video Marketing Fundamentals presentation:

Daniel’s Bertschi’s Service Hub Demonstration:

Buzz 1: Video Marketing at Every Stage of  The Buyer’s Journey

Free Resource: Download our Video Title Template Planner Excel here

Video is great for every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Awareness Stage: Educational videos

The goal of videos in the awareness stage is to answer questions and educate buyers who are experiencing problems or opportunities.


  • B2B: How to engage multi-generational teams, what is marketing automation?
  • B2C: Should I sell my house in 2018? Here’s what to consider


  • Offer a content upgrade like a download
  • Sign up for more content

Consideration Stage: Detailed info about industry topics

Videos at the consideration stage should be used to educate the buyer as they consider different solutions to their problem. These prospects are now aware of a problem and therefore the videos here help them find a solution.


  • B2B: Recruiting in house vs using an agency, what is HubSpot?
  • B2C: How to sell your home above market value in a slump

Educational webinars/presentations are also great consideration stage videos.

Decision Stage: These videos are all about informing your audience about what makes your product or service unique and differentiating from your competition. The prospects here buyer have identified a solution and now begins to consider all of the different vendors that offer a similar solution.


  • B2B: Cross River Rail Project casestudy
  • B2C: How HUG Real Estate Will Sell your home, about our lamp shades

Call-to-actions: Buy, offer consultation, a trial or a demo.

Buzz 2: Video Marketing Distribution

Basic Facebook/Remarketing Funnel:

  • Promote a persona relevant article
  • Article page is pixelled with both Facebook and Google pixels
  • User is remarketed with Google Display ads
  • User is also retargeted on Facebook with a short video + Lead Ad
  • Lead Ad form is a Facebook form that is pre-populated with user information
  • Lead Ad form is integrated with HubSpot (integration available) which allows you to workflow and nurture the contact

Other distribution ideas:

  • YouTube ads – Customer intent audiences
  • YouTube ads – Customer match audiences
  • YouTube ads – Remarket to video viewers of videos on your channel
  • Website & landing pages
    • Most popular pages
    • Service/product pages B
    • Bottom-of-Funnel pages



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