George B on Lessons from a Six Figure Generating Podcast & Career Goals/Ceilings | Episode 90 | RedPandas Digital

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In this episode we welcome back good friend George B Thomas now of Impulse Creative fame!

George B Thomas is a valuable contributor to the HubSpot and Inbound Marketing community at large. He’s popular for his HubSpot tutorials, educational keynotes but what he’s likely best known for is the Hubcast podcast, a six figure generating podcast.

We chat to George about not only what made the Hubcast so successful but also go in at a more human level around why he left a seemingly dream job at one of the world’s most successful digital marketing agencies, which included leaving the Hubcast, for a new challenge.

In summary, we chat about:

  • The formula for a successful podcast
  • Why Hubcast was popular enough to generate $100,000+ in revenue
  • What is Conversational Marketing?
  • George’s big move Impact to Impulse Creative
  • Letting goals anchor your career decisions
  • Dealing with the ‘Am I good enough?’ question

Check out the video version of the episode here:

Links & Resources Referenced:

George B’s Transitions Series

Link to entire playlist here.



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