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So Facebook has gone ahead and killed the newsfeed for brand pages which means you will have to #paytoplay for every single post. What should you do now? In episode 85 we discuss that + personal goals. How to create them? Why do they often fail – could be the perfect reminder if you’ve ever struggled meeting your goals in the past!

Buzz 1: Goodbye Newsfeedback, what to do next

In a recent Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote:

“Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments [from friends and family] that lead us to connect more with each other.”

Mentioning the roll-out will take months, the Founder of Facebook continues with:

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

Buzz 2: How to Create Goals that Stick

It comes down to paying attention to (5) key areas:

  1. Spiritual: e.g. meditation, prayer. Use tools such as insight timer (free) to help with ‘morning motivation’, ‘night/sleeping routines’ etc
  2. Health: What works for you specifically? E.g. Gyms don’t work for Moby, he prefers to prepare for an event e.g. cycling, mini-marathon or an amateur MMA fight !
  3. Family: Very binary goals, different for different people. E.g. date night once a fortnight, reading a story nightly with the kids.
  4. Entrepreneurial / Business: Or intrapreneurial goals within a business
  5. Educational: Key here is not only to consume but create content of your own to truly grow.



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