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How on earth do you learn digital marketing? Where do you learn digital marketing? In this episode we discuss what certifications you need to have to stay up date. Also, we share some updates on Facebook which will allow you to see your competitors ads. Plus, BIG new changes Google search results and whole lot more!

Buzz 1: Soon the public will be able to see you Facebook ads, you’ll be able to see your competitors


More information from Facebook’s official newsroom.

Buzz 2: Google has expanded their meta description limits. What should you do now?

Google recently confirmed new, longer character limits now apply in snippets and meta descriptions.

What are snippets or meta descriptions? Essentially it’s the description line under the clickable title and URL in the search results page:


These have now expanded from 165 to 320 characters:


As a minimum you should be looking at expanding your most important converting pages despite what Google says. Also, think about re-writing your meta’s more as answers to questions and less billboards about your brand.

More information in this epic Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin from Moz.

Buzz 3: Google AdWords New Promotions Extensions

New Google Promotions extensions were well used by brands recently for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. They add a promotional tag to your ads and look like this:


They offer the benefit of standing out as compelling offers, especially when a finite, limited time offer is thrown into the mix.

The other benefit is you can add this to all of your ads as opposed to temporarily re-writing hundreds of AdWords ads!

Featured Buzz: Where & how to learn digital marketing? My favourite resources for 2018

  1. Google Garage
  2. Google Analytics Certification
  3. Google AdWords Certification
  4. Inbound Marketing Certification
  5. Udemy

The order of what you should learn will depend on your role and your background knowledge. Listen to the episode (11:15 mark) to figure out the hierarchy of what you should learn first.

Udemy courses referenced in episode:





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