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Have you ever been to marketing conference/event and thought man, I wonder how much of this stuff will actually become reality next time they run this thing? In this episode of InboundBuzz we look at precisely that: a year since one of the biggest marketing events on the planet, #Inbound16, what became reality? What remained hype? What has changed?

Plus, we share an expert survival guide on how to to #Inbound17 (and other marketing events!) right.

Buzz 1: How to Do #Inbound17 The Right Way

Check out Moby’s booked agenda (which no doubt will change 7 times before the event!):


Our survival guide on doing #Inbound17 the right way:

  1. Plan for the sessions you will miss: keep track of the sessions you skipped with ‘interests’ and review list once HubSpot releases the recordings of the all the sessions
  2. Download the event app: So  you know where your going, catch the latest announcement and if you want to change your sessions!
  3. Schedule Downtime & skip sessions: Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t attend everything you booked and be open to missing a session should a great networking or catch up opportunity present itself.
  4. Be a nerd, sit at the front: It is common knowledge that people who sit at the front ask more questions and are less distracted
  5. Buy portable smartphone chargers + Data Sim Cards: Don’t go cheap, get the good ones!

Buzz 2: #Inbound16 One Year One, What’s Happened Since? What became Reality vs Hype?

Listen in to catch our breakdown and one year post analysis of #Inbound16.

Psst! Going to #Inbound17? Catch up with the RedPandas team! Email moby@redpandas.com.au

Not going? InboundBuzz Pop-up episodes from the event are back! Tune in EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to catch all the best bits and interviews with #Inbound17 speakers.



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