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Don’t you just hate those cold, ill-researched cold LinkedIn outreach messages? Don’t make the same mistake yourself! LinkedIn messages can be a powerful form of generating business if you do it right.

In this episode we discuss how to craft the perfect cold linkedin outreach message, new native video update for LinkedIn and why this will be the biggest development for LinkedIn in years plus affordable new developments in chat bots.

Buzz 1 – Crafting the perfect Linkedin Message

First, some bad practice examples!

Example 1: The branded, impersonal sales prospecting in mail:

Example 2: Poorly Research ‘Information Diarrhea’ Inmail Message:


Tips (listen to episode for more information & detail):

  • Define the persona you are focusing on
  • What are their pain points?
  • How can you help – keep in mind the principle of WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) from the eyes of your consumer
  • Create an offer your persona is likely to consumer (e.g. a podcast or vlog may not be the best medium for targeting residents of a nursing home)
  • Craft a personal, straight to the point message

Taking into account these tips, reverse engineering example 2, it could go something like this:

Hey Moby I noticed you’re a founder of a digital marketing agency. We’re an IT services company that specialises in helping small-medium agencies like yourself.

We’ve created this free ebook / article that shares 5 Tips & Hacks on How Agencies Keep their IT services costs to a minimum.

This eBook covers:

  • The most efficient and affordable way to host your emails
  • Managing Fast local based servers for your website clients
  • Support ticketing systems that take the pressure off your own technical team

We’ve used our expertise in your field to develop this and company you find at least one thing that saves RedPandas money.

If you do get a chance would love to hear if it helped. If you’d like to see whether we could drive better value for your business you can reach me here or via my contact details below.

<leave signature>

Here is another good example. It’s a good bottom-of-funnel message utilsing humour and persona targeting to achieve cut-through:


Buzz 2 – New LinkedIn Video

Currently rolling out, should be global end of Q3 (September) 2017.

Examples of topics/ideas to share:

  • Share company/staff stories
  • Broadcast from an event
  • Interview an authority figure from your organisation or from your field
  • Share industry news
  • Provide content to promote your expertise
  • Increase likeability via content that entertains or better yet, ‘edu-tainment’

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn Native Video Moby recently did:


Buzz 3 – Intercomm launches a chatbot that searches your website to use content and articles to answer visitor questions

Intercomm is one of the world’s most popular live chat platforms (we use it at RedPandas too!).

They’ve released a new bot called Operator, that amongst a bunch of other features, can answer questions and have conversations using the articles on your website.

Check out Operator from Intercomm for more info.



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