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By 2020, it is estimated 30 percent of companies will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment their sales processes. That all sounds great but practically what the heck does that mean for your business? We talk about the exciting new HubSpot acquistion that sheds some plus. Plus we talk about the three videos you should be creating, how to structure them and should you be scripting your videos?

Buzz 1 – HubSpot Acquires Kemvi, Sheds light into AI in the Context of Sales

HubSpot’s acquistion of Kemvi reveals some telling insight into how we will use AI in our sales processes.

Links Referenced:

Buzz 2 – Featured Tool: Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox is a new free tool by Wistia to help you create professional looking webcam and screen capture videos. The tool lives exclusively in your Chrome browser as a widget.

Here is a video review Moby did using Soapbox:


Buzz 3 – The Three Types of Videos You Must Create

Listen in at 12:30 for detailed breakdown.

The three types of videos you should create:

  1. The ‘Why Us’ Video: Summary of your Value Proposition to your targeted personas. More on Value Proposition in our masterclass episode with Manelle Merhi in episode 48.
  2. The Testimonial or Case Study Video: Get your targeted persona on screen and present a before/after state scenario
  3. The Process Video: Great bottom of funnel video. How does some engage with your? What is the process you will take them through when they become a customer of your business?

Buzz 4 – Should You Script Your Videos?

Shout out to Marcus Sheridan & George B Thomas for the inspiration to this buzz!


Free video scripting template courtesy of The Sales Lion.



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