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If there is one thing Google is freakishly obsessive about in 2017, it’s machine learning and Google is finally bringing it to the masses. In this episode we talk about Google Analytics and the groundwork in AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is already here for you to play with. We also discuss the death of the regular Google SEO algorithm and in this Google special, Moby shares a decisive answer on how fast your website should be in 2017.

Buzz 1 – Death of the Planned (& public!) Algorithm

Reports of a June 25th Google algorithm change that was not confirmed by Google but reported by thousands reports from webmasters and agencies around the world.

As Google moves to a more constantly updated and evolving algorithm, they will not be communicating as many update to due a number of reasons:

  1. When Google does announce something, they’ll do so to push certain behaviours e.g. mobilegeddon update
  2. They want to stop people focusing on how to rank no. 1 and instead, focus on creating better, faster online experiences that answer people’s questions.

Buzz 2 – Update to Google Analytics, New Reports, UX  & AI Intelligence Beta

New home tab that at a glance in a very visual format gives you some insights about your audience.

E.g. Heat-map like widget on most popular times for your website:


Easy to use home tab:


Google Analytics Intelligence feature currently in beta. If you have it, you will see it in the top right hand corner when you log in:

Intelligence Beta

After Click on this icon, you will see a new search box named “Ask A question”.

You can now free to ask any question like:

  • Give me my month on month sales growth
  • What are my most read blog pages?
  • What are the top 5 pages on my website?

E.g.  “Yesterday Traffic

Google’s Answer:

Bonus: 10 questions you can already get answers to in Google Analytics link.

Buzz 3 – Google Test My Site Update

Updated Google Test My Site tool now tells you how many visitors you are losing due to your website load time:


The tool also compares you to your industry!



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