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The biggest reason for content failing isn’t the content, it’s the people behind the content and a lack of creation accountability. In this episode we share how world class brands structure content teams and people to succeed. We also cover very fresh updates on the google display network as well as really simple tips to take your display ads to the next level. Plus, struggling with creating a monthly newsletter? Well we’ve got just the tip for you!

Buzz 1 – New Google Display Location Extensions

Now eligible Google Display Network ads will automatically include information like photos, business hours, and your store location, making them more useful to shoppers who are nearby or show interest in your business location.

Official announcement by Google on new Google Display Location extensions.

Buzz 2 – Featured Tool: Revue

Revue tool makes it easy to curate content and automatically turn that content into a newsletter.

Check out the tool here: https://www.getrevue.co/

Alternative tool and competitor to Revue: http://curated.co/

Buzz 3 –  Assemble a World Class Content Marketing Team

Possibly the biggest contributor to content execution and production failing is poor teams which is increasingly becoming a problem. The Content Marketing Institute found that 70% of B2B brands were creating more content than they did the year prior, the problem that is prevalent today with many brands is: how to structure the right team.

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