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Statistically over 90% of your content won’t go anywhere. So what are you supposed to do? How do you get content cut through? In this episode I discuss a controversial view that content quantity not quality is something you now need to focus. Please I share some Facebook Page updates & tips that I guarantee will have you reaching for the edit page button in no time.

Buzz 1: Facebook Page Updates & Tips

New features, templates and commercial opportunities including the option to add a shop or services:


Latest Facebook image guidelines.

Social Media Examiner’s best practical tips on leveraging Facebook’s new page updates.

Buzz 2: How to Upload & Use Facebook 360 Photos


Facebook 360 Photos Support page and tips.

Featured Buzz: The Content Quality vs Quantity Debate

How to find the content marketing unicorns amongst a sea of donkeys?

  1. Content Marketing Measurement & Tracking

What get’s measured gets managed!

Try a templated Google Analytics Dashboard.


Or for a little extra, try a dashboard tool like Klipfolio from $24/month:


Links discussed:



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