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Dave Chaffey, founder of smartinsights.com, has been predicting digital marketing trends and consulting on strategic best practice for over a decade. I personally have a lot to credit Dave Chaffey on my own personal digital marketing successes and I think you’re going to love listening to this episode going into 2017.

Dave shares his insight on what the winners are doing, what we need to look out for and the problem with listening to ultra-influencers.

Smart Insights Links

Dave’s Favourite Conversion Tools

Great Examples of Adaptive Sites on Desktop & Mobile

(View on mobile to get the mobile views obviously!)




And on mobile, very different elements featured based on what the user is looking for in different contexts:


Also check out AO as a good example of different adaptive sites.

Dave’s recommended Customer Service Tools

Dave’s Favourite pop-up tools

Dave’s Favourite Other Tools & Links

Also check out  Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique for SEO

How you get the most cut through the quickest using digital

Dave’s favourite marketing blog: MarketingLand



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