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Most content doesn’t get shares or links let alone shares and links. According to new research by Buzzsumo there are actually five types of magical unicorn content that gets both shares and links that you’re probably not doing enough of. Plus! I review a cheaper HubSpot alternative that you can use today.

Buzz 1 – Wishpond Review, a HubSpot alternative?

HubSpot is the bee’s knees of the marketing automation and all-in-one marketing suite world. It can however be expensive for new players in inbound marketing. If you’re budget doesn’t permit you to use HubSpot then Wishpond could be a really cool alternative for you.

Buzz 2 – Featured Podcast: One Last Tool

Don’t forget to check out George B Thomas’s new podcast: One Last Tool! A great podcast for learning about all of the latest and greatest digital tools to get your engine revving.

Buzz 3 – Five Types of Content That Gets Linked and Shared

According to new research commissioned by BuzzSumo & Majestic, there are five types of content that have a very high probability of gaining links and shares:

  1.  Authoritative Posts that answer core questions
  2. Strong Opinion Pieces
  3. Provide Original Research & Insights
  4. Leverage trending topics but provide original insights
  5. Authoritative Content on new products or developments

Check out podcast for examples and tips on how to make these work for you.

Full referenced article by BuzzSumo: Magical Content that Gets Links and Shared – New Research

Additional BuzzSumo Research: Content, Shares, and Links: Insights from Analyzing 1 Million Articles




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