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Whether we like to admit it or not, at some point we all like to see what our competitors are doing online! Well if that that ever been you (and it should be!) then this is the episode for you.

In this episode we continue our current fortnightly format of chatting to a Digital Marketing expert. This week we chat to Olga Andrienko, Head of Social Media at SEMRush, the platform for competitive data intelligence online and fast becoming a complete Marketer’s toolkit.

Olga shared her thoughts on:

  • How to use SEMRush to effectively and efficiently spy on your competitors
  • New features in SEMRush around the horizon
  • Dashboard reports in SEMRush
  • Understanding what your competitors are doing with video and YouTube
  • How to download all your competitor’s AdWord’s ads AND see what they are spending on AdWords
  • How to track your digital share of voice against your competitors over time
  • How to increase your online presence in 30 minutes a day
  • Why & How Marketers in 2016 need to become hybrid data miners

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Contact Olga for questions and let her know what you thought of her interview!



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