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The contact page is one of the most overlooked pages when it comes to conversion rate optimisation and even at the design stage, it’s often just an afterthought. However the average contact page visitor has a high relative probability of being a bottom of funnel user and is prime for connection stage interaction. Find out how to stop leaking leads from your contact page and ofcourse a whole lot more in this special episode of InboundBuzz.Special episode recorded in Bali!

Buzz 1 – Our Facebook Live Event Results

Our Ultimate Lead Generation Hacks event was a success! Thanks to everyone who attended and streamed in. Over 300 people tuned in live in addition to the 40-odd people in the audience 4x as many people watched the replay!

Moby Siddique presenting 10 Ultimate Lead Generation Hacks

Good audio is very important with Facebook live and if you’re more than a few metres away from your subject you will really struggle with audio and unforgiving audiences.

I suggest getting the affordable Azden WMS-Pro Wireless lavalier system. Listen to episode 18 on how I use it, link to product: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1048…_handheld.html

Azden WMS Pro Wireless Smartphone lavalier system


  • Longer videos have a better chance at success ~20mins
  • Put a small advertising budget to promote the event

Watch the Facebook Live Stream on our Facebook timeline  (currently pinned or in videos section).

Download the free eBook based on the event.

Featured Buzz: Stop Leaking Leads on Your Contact Page

Chances are the contact page may be only one page out of the 2,3 or 4 pages the average web site visitor looks at. It may be the page they land on. Ask yourself, if someone did a tab test how would your site compare?

Our check to reduce contact friction:

  1. Add your full business address and a phone number: Also embed a Google Places map. Verify you listing: https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en
  2. Code your Address and Phone number properly: Click-to-call tag: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/native-hardware/click-to-call/?hl=en
    Get creative, try Facebook messenger as a live chat option. First heard of this from our friends from the hubshots podcast. Thanks Craig!
  3. Provide a Live Chat Option: Mentioned LeadChat a service that allows you to outsource your live chat feature and only pay per lead.
  4. Consider a call back button: Check out https://ringostat.com/ – a tool that allows prospect to access a ‘call me back within 30 seconds’ feature.
  5. Add credibility cues OR user cases on why someone should contact you – for example on our Contact page, we list a number of user cases on why someone would contact us plus results delivered in the form of a customer testimonial.



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