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We all know we need to create content and need some form of a ‘Content Calendar’. What makes a great content calendar? The devil is in the detail. In this episode, we go through step-by-step how to create a best practice content calendar through our very own process.  Moby also goes to town on Twitter Direct Messages and share even more powerful digital marketing tools

Buzz 1: Die Twitter DM’s Die!

Thanks to Johannes Macke from Osnabruck Germany for sharing:

I would love if you can get your listeners to stop sending automatic dm´s on twitter since no one reads them anyway and it’s always just spam 😀

  • Twitter Direct Messages or DMs work when two people on Twitter follow each other. Unfortunately Twitter DMs have just become breeding grounds for spam.
  • Unfortunately it has gotten so bad that even legitimate DMs get lost in all the garbage and that’s why fewer people respond to Twitter DMs
  • If you are running automated DMs, don’t!
  • If you must, for your first DM message to someone be authentic and build a relationship with them.
  • Better luck using a tool like Viola Norbit where just by entering in someone’s full name and domain, you can find their email address –  https://www.voilanorbert.com/

Buzz 2: Ultimate Lead Gen Hacks plug

Buzz 3: How to create a content calendar

Step 1: Your Targeted Persona

  • Personas are fictionalised, generalised rep of your ideal customers. At their core they define who your customers are, what are their pain points, what are the value drivers and how you can help
  • If you want a detailed breakdown check out EP 11 or download the RedPanda editable PPT persona template – https://www.redpandas.com.au/free-resources/how-to-create-buyer-personas-free-template/
  • 3-6 personas tends to be the average for most brands

Step 2: Identify the targeted themes or keywords that are in demand for your products or services

Step 3: Research Buzz

Step 4: Research your competitors

  • Qualitative research – check blogs, social platforms
  • Use http://semrush.com/ to find your organic competitors
  • Look to abroad – US, UK, international markets where your industry is doing well
  • Ahrefs will show you your competitors best content – http://ahrefs.com/

Step 5: Consider the Six Content Fillers

  1. HUB & SPOKE Model: Take one key offer e.g. eBook, Event and turn into spokes that will give you 3-6 months of content life
  2.  ARTICLES: Short form (500 words or less) and Long form content where you focus on becoming an authority on a key query or subject matter
  3. SOCIAL PROOF CONTENT: Case studies or customer stories
  4. EVENT CONTENT: Internal & Industry events
  5. GRAPHIC CONTENT: Memes, Visuals, Quotes, Jokes, Infographics
  6. VIDEO: explainer videos, guides, how-tos etc

Step 6: Create Rules

  • How many of these can you get away with?
  • It would be nice to have 10 offers but you might only do 1 every 2-3 months
  • You might be only able to do 1 long form article and 4 short form a month.
  • You get the picture.
  • The balance is finding your strengths, what type of content filler your persona wants to consume and what the competition isn’t doing

Step 7: Content Calendar, Common columns

  • Dates: industry dates, month of creation/release
  • Resources
  • Content filler type?
  • Working titles
  • Theme
  • Persona
  • Offer/CTA that you will promote
  • Paid amplification?
  • Social
  • Notes
  • Live URL
  • Google Docs or smartsheet tool (it’s like excel for marketers)



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