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What do you think of when you think of Content Marketing? Blogs, Articles, Ebooks, Video, Infographics etc. But have you ever thought about creating tools as an evergreen content? Also in this episode we discuss Facebook Live updates, practical tips on how to get amazing audio for FB live event and the latest Facebook Algorithm changes.

Buzz 1: Using Tools as Evergreen Content

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How to use Tools / Software / Utility as Content. Three key considerations here.

Good example mentioned by Ryan Bonnici @ Grow event: http://website.grader.com/

Buzz 2: Featured Resource + What marketing tactic do you people hate the most poll?

Great online community and resource for Digital Marketers: inbound.org/
Featured Thread ‘What Marketing tactic do you hate the most?’A really interesting one that caught my eye was: inbound.org/discuss/what-market…most#comment-353356

what marketing tactic do people hate the most

Buzz 3: Facebook Live Updates, How to Get Great Audio When doing Facebook + More Newsfeed changes!

Facebook announced even more updates on June 29 re Facebook Live @ VidCon: Two-person remote broadcasts, waitrooms & pre-scheduled broadcasts and MSQRD.

Advice: Get in early. These things have a big first mover advantage!

Good audio is very important with Facebook live and if you’re more than a few metres away from your subject you will really struggle with audio and unforgiving audiences.

I suggest getting the affordable Azden WMS-Pro Wireless lavalier system. Listen in to hear how I use it, link to product: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1048…_handheld.html

Azden WMS Pro Wireless Smartphone lavalier system

New Facebook algorithm released June 29: Algorithm will be adjusted yet again to favour friends and family over publishers in the newsfeed

More tips on how to take advantage of the changes: www.theverge.com/2016/6/29/120551…lgorithm-changes

Stay tuned for next week where me and @hubshots are interviewing Kipp Bodnar!

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