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If you’re sick of hearing about the same old tools everyone is using on social media then check out this video on 4 underrated social media tools our clients are loving in 2020. In this video, social media expert at Redpandas, Clem shares 4 useful tools that can rapidly accelerate your social media growth in 2020.

Clem explores the following 4 tools:



Hey it’s Clem at RedPandas Digital and in this video, I’m going to share four tools to help accelerate your social media traffic in 2020.


The first tool is a smart video editor called Clipomatic and what it does is turn everything that you say into live captions. Considering the fact that around 85% of videos on social are played without sound, you risk a lot of people missing out on the message you were trying to communicate if you don’t have sound or captions.

Clipomatic is absolutely perfect for social media because it automatically creates the captions in a number of different catchy styles and fits any square or vertical video mode. It is a paid tool but it’s only a one-off of about three bucks, and it’ll be the best three bucks that you have ever spent on social media.

Display Purposes

Now if you’re like me, you love using hashtags, but of course some are better than others and that’s where Display Purposes comes in. With Display Purposes, simply type in the hashtags that you want to find synonyms for, click search and voila! You have a huge list of related hashtags that you can scope out even further.

What’s more? Display Purposes filters out any banned hashtags, so you don’t run the risk of getting caught by the Instagram algorithm and being shadow banned on the channel. You can actually use Display Purposes to also go further in depth for a given hashtag. Seeing stats from top countries, age groups, types of Instagram accounts that follow the hashtag and just general demographics using that chosen hashtag, which will help you hone in your target audience. For free tool, this is really, really powerful.

Yay Text

Yay! Another free tool that is great for social media is Yay Text. Don’t be fooled by the website design circa 1995, this tool is for one thing and one thing only, to give you different text styles for your social posts and ads.

Having a catchy first line on your post is great but having it in bold and an emoji at the front really makes it pop. Yay Text gives you your desired text stylized in over 20 different styles, which you can then copy into your post to stand out from all the noise.

Interest Explorer

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re targeting the exact same audience as your competitors? Well, with Interest Explorer, it’s a targeting tool for Facebook that shows heaps of relevant interests based on a given search query. But what it’s best at is showing you exactly the audience size and the interests that Facebook won’t suggest to you.

Where Facebook limits their suggestions to 25, Interest Explorer shows the full list of suggestions, which you can then sort from largest to smallest in audience size. Interest Explorer is one of our staples here at RedPandas and we love using the tool for Facebook ads and for general market research.

Interest Explorer will set you back about 100 to $200 ex GST. But if you’re like us and the hundreds of other very happy customers, it is worth every penny.

So if you want to make 2020 and beyond a big year for your business and in social media, check out Clipomatic, Display Purposes, Yay Text and Interest Explorer.

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