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Do you ever get the thought that you could be doing more on social media? You’re might be using the same hashtags as your competitors, targeting the same interests on Facebook Ads and creating the same type of content! Well in this episode Moby shares four of our favourite tools to help accelerate your social media growth in 2020.

Plus, the new HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Hub. Is it any good? Is it all hype or is it substance? And on a side note, what can we learn from how they launched Marketing Hub Enterprise to promote our own brands? Find out in our review. All that and a whole lot more in this episode of InboundBuzz!

Buzz 1: HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise 2020

Check out this cracker #shotsfired post by legendary HubSpot Marketer, Kipp Bodnar: Marketers Deserve Enterprise Software That Doesn’t Suck

Our favourite quote from Kipp’s piece:

Perhaps enterprise software providers should consider one of these phrases for the tagline of their next campaign. After all, they are direct quotes from users of their tools, left on review site G2.

The general consensus? Their software sucks. Really sucks.

How is this still the case in 2020? We live in an age of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality. We are awash with incredibly advanced technology. But marketers still can’t find an enterprise software solution that doesn’t make their head hurt.

Features we covered from HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise:

  • Multi-touch Revenue Attribution
  • Team-Based Partioning
  • Adaptive Testing (Wow!)
  • Account-Based Marketing (Beta)
  • Customisable Chatbots
  • Advanced Chat Targeting
  • Higher Limits for Reports (200), Custom Dashboards (25) and Workflows (1,000)

Featured Buzz: 4 Tools to Accelerate your Social Media Growth in 2020

  • Clipomatic (one-off $2.99): Turns everything you say into live captions on screen
  • Display Purposes (free): With Display Purposes, simply type in the hashtags you want to find synonyms for, click search, and voila! You have a huge list of related hashtags you can scope out even further.
  • Yay Text (free): Yay Text gives you your desired text stylised in over 20 different styles which you can then copy into your posts to stand-out from all the noise.
  • Interest.Explorer (from $100): Interest Explorer is a targeting tool for Facebook that shows heaps of relevant interests based on a given search query. But what it’s best at, is showing you exactly the audience size, and interests that Facebook don’t suggest. Where Facebook limits their suggestions to 25, Interest Explorer shows you the full list of suggestions, which you can sort from largest audience size to smallest.



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