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You know video marketing is important for your business in 2018. There are countless statistics that prove this. So what video marketing gear do you need to think about for 2018?

  • What is the best camera for video marketing 2018?
  • What else do you need to think about?
  • What about audio, microphones or shooting on your smartphone?

Check out all the gear we recommend for your in house video marketing production needs in the video below!

Gear mentioned in the video

List of gear featured in this video in order:

  1. Our All Rounder: Panasonic Lumix G85, RRP $1,400 (make sure you buy it with the 12-60mm kit lens!)
  2. Our in person Facebook Live camera: Mevo, $499
  3. Our VR/360 Camera: Kaiser Bass X360, $99 from Teds
  4. Our Smartphone Lens: Olloclip, from $99
  5. Our Microphone for Smartphones: Rode Smartlav+, RRP $99
  6. Our solution to shoot interviews on a Smartphone: Rode SC6 Splitter, RRP $30
  7. Our DSLR/Micro thirds audio/interview solution: Rodelink Filmmaker Kit, RRP $400

Why you need to do video marketing in-house

Why in-house production though? Well, when it comes to video marketing, you need to think about two different types in 2018.

The first type of video is high end production. Here you would engage a video production agency (not what we at RedPandas do) and work with them to create high quality brand videos, your ‘why us’ video, case studies etc. You can either do this directly or engage your strategic digital marketing agency (like RedPandas) to help brief, script and co-ordinate your videos in collaboration with the video production agency.

The second type of video is in-house video you should be creating in house irrespective of whether you are a startup or enterprise sized company. To do video marketing right in 2018, not only do you need a strategy but you need a culture of video internally so your peers understand the important of video and are happy to jump on camera and share their knowledge when you need them too.

RedPandas is not a video production agency but for high production videos, our job is to to create the brief and work with the videographer to meet strategic client objectives.

For the in-house ‘culture of videos’ video (video you should be creating yourself), we help our clients with e.g. what videos to shoot, what is your video content marketing calendar going to look like, how to handle gear and work with in house talent.

Contact us for if you need help with your video marketing gear, content/video marketing strategy or inbound marketing in general.



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