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In this episode we cover the latest Facebook 2017 Ad Benchmarks. What are the benchmark CTR, CPC and CPAs for your industry and how do you compare?

We also cover Facebook Live updates & tips, a new tool for generating video testimonials and our featured book of the month, Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schittauer.

This week we also tested a live stream of the show this time via Periscope, check it out:

Buzz 1: April’s Featured Book of The Month – Vlog Like a Boss

Check out Amy Schmittauer new book on Amazon Vlog Like a Boss


Buzz 2: Dynamic Facebook Ads Updates and Tips

Two key ways you can use Dynamic Facebook Ads:

  1. Retarget to audiences with the exact product they visited
  2. Get Facebook to show your products to people who are looking at content or products related to what you are offering – even if they haven’t visited your website

You’ll need to connect your inventory to Facebook and you can do this either via manually submitting a csv file or connecting your CMS to Facebook via a plugin or app.

WordPress plugin that allows you to connect a product feed to Facebook: http://www.pixelyoursite.com/use-facebook-product-dynamic-ads-woocommerce

Magento plugin: https://marketplace.magento.com/apptrian-facebook-pixel.html

Also, more information by Social Media Examiner on how to setup Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Buzz 3: Facebook Live New Features

Global rollout of Facebook Live now available to be streamed from desktops and laptops.

Featured Buzz: Facebook Ad Benchmarks for 2017

Thanks to Mark Irvine from Wordstream. Check out the full research on their blog.



Buzz 5: Featured Tool – Verbate

Efficiently and easily collect video surveys from customers via Verbate.





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