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If you approach SEO the same way you did in 2015 then your about to be disappointed. SEO has changed so much in the past 2 years that the old 10 blue organic searches on page 1 now account for only 3% of all searches!

In this SEO special episode, we’ve sourced the very best tips, tools and strategies that anybody can employ to kick Google’s butt in 2017.

Buzz 1 – Latest SEO News

Google Doubles Down on mobile. The Mobile First Index is coming soon. More news here: https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/10/18/google-index-set-to-go-mobile-first-within-months/


  • Be careful if you have a cut down version of your site because things like keywords on a page for instance are still very important.
  • Review the UX and content, look at what terms your pages are ranking for using a tool like SEMRush
  • Use a tool like Screenfly to preview content on multiple devices

Speed up your website! This will be even more important with a mobile-first index.

Three free tools:

One paid tool:

Our Head of Development was able to speed up our website by 20% using these tools!




Also making news, is LinkedIn updating it’s search to cater for more content and posts.

Buzz 2 – Preparing for SEO in 2017

Get a super quick exec summary of Rand Fishkin’s presentation in episode 40 – #INBOUND16 Day 4 Recap

Download entire slide deck: bit.ly/keepup2017

Or watch the video and slideshare below:


Keeping Up With SEO in 2017 & Beyond de Rand Fishkin

The top ten thousand sites account for 2 thirds of Google’s traffic! Two thirds! Below are the 20 most popular sites that received Google traffic:


Action item: Get into those sites where relevant to your industry and personas!

Buzz 3 – Diversifying traffic

If Google knows 80% of your traffic comes from them, they might get suss. You need to diversify your traffic sources!


Don’t ignore a search channel because it is not Google! According to SimilarWeb:


Action item: Go into similarweb and check where your competitors are getting their visitors from

Buzz 4 – Keyword Research in 2017

You can’t just use adwords anymore! Google is conflating keywords and giving inconsistent ranges. Recommended tools:

MOZ will give you the opportunity, potential and difficulty score:

moz-keyword-explorer-tool moz2

FREE Google Sheets Template for you to select themes, pick keywords and prioritise what type of search result you should go after.

Tool number 2 is SEMRush’s SEO Keyword Magic:



Buzz 5 – Link Building

Link building takes time. There is a ‘gap of disappointment’ as it can take 6-7 months:

Rand’s ink building fly wheel:

Tips by Neil Patel on increasing backlinks: http://neilpatel.com/2015/08/25/how-to-build-100-quality-links-without-writing-fresh-content/



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